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What are the fears a programmer can have?

May 20, 2018
In this post we will talk about the programmer's life: what are the fears that a programmer can have in his career? ENTER!

In this post we will talk about the life of the programmer: what are the fears that a programmer may have? ENTER!



Welcome to another post. Everybody has fears and worries, related to anything: family, school, couple issues, etc, but there are also fears related to what you do: your profession or your job. Programming is one of the most demanded areas in the work environment, and a person before and during his way to be a programmer, has certain doubts or fears when he is becoming a person who is related in this area. That's why today I present to you ...

A Programmer's Fears

Fear of news and change

Technologies are updated, and when they are very important changes, it is necessary to relearn how to use that new technology. When a programmer learns how to use a technology (be it: C/C++, Python, Java, SQL, Android Studio, Swift, etc, etc), he fears that it will be updated, with new syntax, new elements that he will have to learn, and it is precisely this fear of having to adapt to new changes, and apart from fear, it is lazy. But why do we have this fear? I will explain it in the next point:

Fear of not being able to learn new things

As I said, changes are our daily bread, and the fear that really provokes the programmer is not being able to understand and not being able to learn new things, and even worse: that these changes have to be applied yes or yes because: they are required at work, the client asks for things that require such changes, etc, etc. When a programmer already has a certain position in a company, or considers himself as "advanced", or simply is a good programmer, what fear can he derive from this?

Fear of asking others

Programming generates many doubts and confusions ... One of the fears of a programmer is to have to ask someone else to teach us because we don't understand. What will they say about you because of that? That you have to be taught by someone who probably occupies an inferior "position" than you in the company? Phew, God, the boss is going to replace me!

Fear that the client will not accept your work

As a programmer, you can kill yourself doing a job for which you can be paid very well, but it turns out that after nights of sleeplessness, whole weeks of working EVERY DAY, the client whimsically asks for a change that requires making the whole project from scratch. Or that he simply tells you: "I didn't like it, I don't want it", and not only the clients, even worse if he is your boss and you are in an important position in his company.

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Fear of deploying your startup

The programmers are also entrepreneurs, and this is what I mean by making projects or companies with pure code, and they are very afraid that when they are launched to the public, they do not attract attention, do not prosper and all our work is ruined.

Fear of "screwing up"

Sometimes programmers are afraid to work as a team, because they believe that if they make a mistake, the other team members will cross it out, throw it away, make fun of it ...

Fear of being branded as a "weirdo"

A programmer is afraid that they will be labeled as weird, that the world won't understand them, that they won't understand their passion or what they have to say, that people will stay away from them because they are bored ... that they will be labeled as all-powerful and only look for you to help them fix their computers, or that they will say the typical phrase: "Can you help me hack into a Facebook?" Pff. ?

Overcome your fears, programmer!

Okay, we've talked about fears, but is this going to stop you? Remember that every effort has its reward, do not be afraid to learn new things, no one was born knowing. Don't be afraid to go ask another programmer somethingThis area is constantly changing, and we all have to teach each other, that's what knowledge is all about. Don't be afraid that the client will reject youBefore starting the project, tell him to think about what he wants, and to give you an advance, and warn him that any major change to the project will significantly increase the cost of the project. Don't be afraid to deploy that to your projectHow about it works? You never know; successful programmers who have made startups have asked for a lot of them, because they don't attract attention, because they just didn't work, etc, etc, and the characteristic among all of them, is that they NEVER gave up. Don't be afraid to get "crossed off"You don't have to like everyone, love what you do and the right people will show up in your life, it doesn't mean that all the time you are talking about code, you have to try to balance everything, but the real friends will support you in your code projects, they will encourage you and they won't just be looking for favors.

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A lot of success in everything. See you in another post!