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Best Recommended Coding Books in Stack Overflow Polls

July 29, 2021
These are the BEST BOOKS 🔥 in terms of PROGRAMMING and IT according to StackOverflow surveys.

In this post we will show you the results of the surveys of the best programming books that were recommended on StackOverflow.

The art of programming is becoming increasingly important and valuable for the development of new technologies, so much so that through a survey the website developed by Jeff Attwood introduces us to the 30 recommended programming books in the StackOverflow survey. This with the aim that people who are starting in this world, have a focus on why they learn to program.

In total, more than 40,000,000 questions were analyzed and responses on the website to achieve an exact amount of most of the books mentioned, in total they were 5720. This survey was achieved thanks to the network of users of Stack Exchange. The site archives include posts, users, votes, comments, post-story, and PostLinks, plus extracted questions and answers made on StackOverflow.

Best Recommended Coding Books in StackOverflow Polls

Next, out of a total of 5720 books processed in the StackOverflow surveys, we will show you the best votes.

  1. Effectively working with legacy code. The average book on agile software development describes a fairyland of totally new projects, with wall-to-wall tests running after every few changes, and clean, straightforward source code. By: Michael C. Plumas. See Book.
  2. Design patterns. Capturing a wealth of experience in object-oriented software design, four top-notch designers present a catalog of simple and concise solutions to commonly occurring design problems. Formerly undocumented, these 23 patterns allow designers to create more flexible, elegant, and ultimately reusable designs without having to rediscover their own design solutions. By: Ralph Johnson, Erich Gamma, John Vlissides, Richard Helm. See Book.
  3. Clean Code. An extremely pragmatic method for writing better code from scratch, and ultimately producing more robust applications. By: Robert C. Martin. See Book.
  4. Java concurrency in practice. Provides information on creating concurrent applications using Java. By: Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls. See Book.
  5. Domain-driven design. Describes ways to incorporate domain modeling into software development. By: Eric Evans. See Book.
  6. JavaScript. Describes the reliable features of JavaScript, covering topics such as syntax, objects, functions, arrays, regular expressions, inheritance, and methods. By: Douglas Crockford. See Book.
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These were the results of the surveys of the best recommended books on StackOverflow, we hope you liked them.

We hope this post has been to your liking. Do not forget that in this blog we talk more about programming languages and everything related to it. Visit us!

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