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Programming, everything you need to know

Discover everything a ⭐ PROGRAMMING developer debe should know: What it is, what is needed to program ⭐ and how to START programming FROM SCRATCH.

Currently there are many lucrative professions with which we can support ourselves from our home, one of them is programming. That is why today you will discover what a programmer is, how to start and what it takes to program from scratch.

In these times the programming It is practically something that we can do from anywhere in the world, and it is not even expensive, having a decent PC and good internet connection, we will have enough.

And what does it take to program? We will find the answer in this article, in which we will explain everything that involves being a programmer. Go for it!

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What is a programmer?

We will start from the beginning, what is it that makes a person a programmer?

This is one knowledgeable person, whether medium or advanced, in various programming languages (be JAVA, C ++, Python, MySQL, among others), with which it is capable of creating a source code for a program, a database or a website.

Programming: Everything you need to know
Programming: Everything you need to know

Another less common way of calling them, although it is the most accurate with their profession, is software developer, a term by which it is clearer what would be the objective of any person who exercises this profession.

They are usually very versatile people who can do several things, thanks to the fact that, the knowledge of a single language, allows to carry out several types of programs. But it is not common to see a programmer settle for just one, it is normal that they have mastery of more than one.

As programmers, they wouldn't just take care of build the code of a page or a program, they would also be able to maintain and improve it. So they can always go to the person to continue doing work for them.

What should a programmer know?

Know the language and run the code not enough, there are several programming stuff that a person must take into account in this profession. A programmer needs to keep in mind the following:

Knowledge of various programming languages

While this may seem obvious, many people believe that by handling language they are ready for the big leagues. It is true that mastering a language allows you to do several things, but it is not enough, there will be tasks and projects where you will need to know at least three different languages.

What should a programmer know?
What should a programmer know?

The creation of a software or website is not something of a single thing, there are several layers of code that are intertwined with each other. Among them we can highlight the Frontend (it is what the end user sees) and the Backend (codes that the developer uses for the final results)

Code is always tested before finalizing

As sections are completed, or new features are implemented when code, this should always be tested. In this way a programmer can ensure that no faults are present. Finishing a code without first testing it is a serious lack of professionalism.

That is why there are various libraries and frameworks where we can carry out this type of activity, which works well when it comes to verifying our codes.

The first thing is to solve the problem

When starting with a new code, the most important thing is to get straight to the point, that is, find the solution to the problem that arises (make a website, a bridge program between two devices, etc.). Once that is done, you can proceed to organize your code and add other variables to make it much better.

What should a programmer know? You must always find a solution
What should a programmer know? You must always find a solution

Optimization comes last

Once we have finished with the main code, or the draft of it, we can proceed to optimize it. Starting to improve a part when even the source code is not complete is a waste of time.

Pre-design is important

Starting something from scratch can be quite tedious, starting because at first it's hard to know where to get into trouble. That is why the preliminary design, whether on a sheet or in a special program, is important to get an idea of what you want to visualize when building the code.

What does it take to program?

To start programming from scratchWe must have essential resources, these may well be material, in terms of equipment and programs necessary to program, or the qualities that we must develop to be a good programmer. These are some:

What does it take to program?
What does it take to program?

Constant Learning

This is a profession in which we cannot get stuck, it is very important to learn what is new tomorrow, and the next day ... Constant updating, that is the key.

Programming changes as fast as technology, new things come out every day. Also, as we said in the previous point, it is not enough to know just one language. Not to mention that greater knowledge brings us greater opportunities.


Programming also involves design and imagination. We must visualize the code in our mind and the way we want to give the website, applications, systems or the interface. This quality will also help with problem solving.

We can make a layout, sketches, drafts of what is intended to be done both on (PC, paper or notebook). Carrying a structure of what you want will save you a lot of time and work.

Analyze the problem

And speaking of problem analysis. An important part of building code for something is knowing how to get into the problem. For this, it is necessary to analyze it in detail, break it down and, if possible, raise several perspectives.

Among the important things of programming is also social interaction
Among the important things of programming is also social interaction

To be fully sure that everything is fine, a curious fact is that you compile your codes to verify that it works correctly and that it runs in the correct way.

Social interaction is crucial

Those who say that a programmer is a person who does not socialize, do not know what they say. A good programmer must come out of the bubble from time to time and interact with other colleagues, thus, there is a feedback of knowledge.

Equipment suitable for the job

A developer needs a computer with at least 3 years from its launch, since development software is very demanding with respect to hardware. It is also necessary to have a good and stable internet connection, a code editor and basic knowledge.

How to start programming from scratch?

This is something that we must keep in mind: If you are able to use a keyboard, you can learn this trade. Even the most professional have had to learn to program from scratch.

We teach you how to start programming from scratch and some important programming things
We teach you how to start programming from scratch and some important programming things

To learn programming and be a professional in this profession, we only need three things:

  1. A computer or laptop.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. Very eager to learn.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to develop your own software or program, maybe it would be good for you to study some tips to learn logic programming.

These may not be super tips or data, but it really is all we need. On the internet there are tons of free content with which we can learn to program. Of course, if we wish we can also pay for courses. It is up to you to do what you think is most convenient.

But mostly everything we need to learn programming languages is on the web. From the best tutorials, guides, support material to specified examples so you do not miss any details.

Being a programmer is one of the most lucrative jobs from home, and we can always find clients, since, in these days of technology, everyone wants to create a digital presence.

We hope you can continue to grow professionally and have learned in this section how to start programming from scratch and everything you need to know to enter this fascinating world of programming. Until next time!