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Programming for Children: The best courses

August 9, 2020
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In this post you will see the best programming courses for children. If it is what you want for your child, from this list, surely, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. ENTERS!


As parents we always want the best for our children and, in relation to learning, much more. Luckily, at present the options have expanded enormously, a sample is that, now the most little ones in the house can also learn to program. And this is the great advantage, if what you want is for your child to learn new skills.

In the market there are endless programming courses for children whose methodology is very different from the courses taught for adults; These courses allow you to develop skills, practically playing.

Reasons for our children to take programming courses

There are many reasons for wanting our children to learn programming. One of these is that logic develops enormously. It is extremely important that children learn how things work and what are the internal processes that allow them to work.

By learning to code, you are not only taught how to do something specific, but you also develop a variety of skills that you can apply to almost every area of your life.

List of the best programming courses for kids

Here is a condensed list of the best programming courses for children. Let's see:

Introductory Course: Fundamentals of Computer Science

It is a course taught by It is one of the most basic, its duration is 20 hours and the child begins with the concept of "Computer's science”. Throughout the course you will learn new concepts related to computer science and the world of programming. All this knowledge will be learned in a playful way.


Programming for first-time readers

It is a course also taught by It is a course of 20 hours aimed at the smallest of the house, leaving aside the fact that they still cannot read very well. The recommended age for this course is between 4 and 6 years old. The methodology is very dynamic, you can learn through puzzles, mazes, etc. which will allow you to develop useful programming skills and concepts.


An introduction to programming

It is a course taught by It is a course that allows learn to code with Scratch, where the student will learn the basic concepts of programming and create the first basic computer games. It is a very complete course, with a duration of 5 weeks.

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Kids programming

Over 6 years

Also developed by It is a course aimed at children between 6 to 18 years. Like the previous one, most of the course is taught in the form of a game. At the end of the course, the student will be able to create programs to solve problems and develop interactive games.


Over 8 years old

Is the continuation of the previous course. In this, the topics covered in the previous course are deepened. Due to the degree of difficulty, it is recommended for children over 8 years old. Students can now seek solutions to more complex problems.


Over 11 years old

It is part of the sequence of courses taught by To take this course, It is necessary to have completed course 2 and 3. It is a recommended course for children over 11 years old due to their level of abstraction. Like the previous ones, it uses the same learning methodology.


Kids Coding with Scratch

It is a course taught by Tutellus. It is a course that allows the child learn to code with Scratch, a programming language widely used in education for children to learn by playing. With this course, the child will learn to program using the colored token blocks, as if it were a LEGO. Likewise, the child will be able to develop algorithmic skills that will allow him to solve programming and daily life problems.


Hour of code

It is a set of courses developed by Khan Academy. One of its courses is aimed at children over 8 years old, which allows them to learn to program drawings with JavaScript. Another course allows the child to learn to make web pages with HTML and CSS tags. For children over 12 there is a course on databases, it is a basic course to learn SQL.


Application programming for non-programmers

It is a course developed by Keep Cooding. This is a course aimed at teenagers who already have some programming knowledge. Allows the student to learn the basics of programming and develop two games and an application. The language used is Lua.


With this last course we end our post about the best programming courses for children. We hope you have found the ideal one for you and your child.

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