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Programmer: never give up, don't please

8 April, 2018
Who says we only talk about technology, our goal is also to inspire you and remind you that you are a @ champion @. ENTERS!

Who says we only talk about technology, our objective is also to inspire you and remind you that you are a @ champion @. Never give up. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post. Whatever reason you are going through in your life, whether you are a programmer or not, I thank you for reading my blog. This time I do not come with another tutorial, nor to offer you a course. Today I come to remind you that you are a @ champion @.

In my more than 400 articles I have never introduced myself: my name is Christopher, and I am the creator of this beautiful blog. I want to make the story of my website an inspiration for you, read it to the end, I wrote it with passion for you.

Programmer: never give up, don't please

I created my website on October 14, 2014, I did not receive any visits, in 2015 I received around 20 visits a day, and at the end of that year, 1,200 monthly. At that time I was studying high school, and I had a teacher who told him many things about me. One day, I was in the computer lab programming my website, and I remember him telling me: «Christopher, computers are not for gaming. Your website is and will be a game, it will never give you money or anything«.

At that time I didn't tell him anything anymore, and I didn't tell him anything. During all that time, I was trying very hard, and I was increasing very little at a time, sometimes I was falling very hard, but I was never demotivated. 3 years later, my teacher realizes the success I'm having on my website and he sends me a message on my WhatsApp asking me how I did it, and if I could teach him.

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I want you to look at the following graph:


It's amazing (stats as of April 4, 2018). Do you know how I did it? With perseverance, hard work Y passion for writing to such an amazing community: YOU.

If I could achieve a dream, why can't you? You are as big as you think it is, and even if I don't know you physically, I want to tell you something: I trust you will achieve it.

Do you think you are useless for programming or for something else? Pff, please. I invite you to read my next article that will help you reconsider. Please read it, I know it will help you.

I want to end my post with the following sentences:

Never give up, don't give in please, even if the cold burns, even if fear bites, even if the sun hides, and the wind is silent, there is STILL fire in your soul, there is STILL life in your dreams.

If you think you can, IT'S TRUE, and if you think you can't, it's also true.

I KNOW YOU CAN. Success in everything you undertake and blessings!

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