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I'm not good for programming ...

June 28, 2021
Do you think you are useless for programming? Is everything going wrong? Doesn't compile? We invite you to reflect a little with us. ENTERS!

¿You think you are useless for programming? Is everything going wrong? Doesn't compile? We invite you to reflect a little with us. ENTERS!

Welcome to another new post. Programming is one of the most demanded areas in the world, since more and more people are required to be trained in it, it will be one of the most demanded future jobs in the world. When we are programming and what we do does not work, it is normal for an inner voice to be saying "You are not useful for programming, YOU ARE NOT SERVING!"

And it even feels uglier when a senior or more advanced person tells you the same thing. It is a myth that "programming is only for some people", and I say it is because we can all study it. It is good that some people understand faster than others, but everyone can, that "it is only for superhuman people, with a very high coefficient, blah, blah, blah" IS NOT TRUE. It has the same difficulty as any race. For example:

Read this for those who have not studied code:


It is just as complicated as reading this as for those who have not studied music:


The same for any other race; everyone has their difficulties. When I attended the 5th semester of my career as a computer scientist, I had a colleague who told me "It's going to be VERY DIFFICULT, I'm not going to pass? what I didn't understand, and yes, I even cried from the stress of learning code, yes, but do you know what happened? She never gave up, by telling them that he got 3 points more than ME, he got 96 final in the matter. It bothers me that they say that a woman cannot learn to write code, and that has been discriminated against a lot in this area, and I say it again: IT IS JUST A MYTH.

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So you: do you think you can't? Are you going to give up and not finish that code? You are great, not many dare to surf in the code, and it is NORMAL that you feel that way, I felt it. Do you think a professional soccer player is good at just putting on his sports shoes and clothes? No! Behind that are hours, hours, and hours of practice and effort.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't, that you won't be good, not even you, if you want something just go for it, ok? I know that you will reflect on everything I have told you, and this not only applies in programming, but in whatever you propose.

When you think about giving up, think about why you started doing that. YOU CAN!

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