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About the site

You will find general information about our blog and us.

This website ("Master Coria's Blog") was built with the purpose of offering your audience technology tutorials to bring to your community.

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The construction project of this site began in December 2014, when Master Coria was browsing a blog which contained a lot of help for people and content of interest, hence the idea of creating a space where Master Coria can translate their ideas, their knowledge, their tools and provide something of interest to all hundreds and hundreds of readers who every day review our blog in search of something new.

At the beginning of everything, the blog received very few visits, but with the passage of time those visits were increasing and increasing, until today. On average we receive around 4500 to 5000 visits per day (average taken on 13/06/2018), and we expect it to keep going up, until we receive tens of thousands of visits per day.

The blog is currently moderated by several people, who publish content every week, but also have contributed various users, sending by mail or posts to review their hacks or contributions to the blog, who are rewarded with thank-you messages in the publications.

This website ( works thanks to WordPress, which is a semantic platform for personal publication, more than that, it is a community, an international social network, a blogging software and personal publication.

Thanks to all who visit our website, your visit is the gift of the day to day to continue publishing new content. Your visit is like a diamond to us, because it's what matters most.


The code is poetry.