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How to hack FreeFire Garena step by step

May 24, 2020
Looking for a FREE FIRE HACK ✅ and get a lot of diamonds? ⭐ See how to hack Free Fire and thus be able to get diamonds, skins and weapons.

In search of a hack for Free Fire and get a lot of diamonds? Here we will show you how hack Free Fire and thus be able to get diamonds, elite passes, skins and EASY weapon pack. ENTERS!


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Free fire It has become one of the most addictive games in recent years. However, we do not always manage to enjoy a complete experience of this game due to certain restrictions of the Garena company, but this is not a reason to be demotivated, and that is why today we will show you several alternatives to hack Free Fire.

What is Free Fire?

If you are up to date with the world of video games, you have surely heard this name on several occasions, and it is not for less, since Free Fire is a Battle Royale style shooter dedicated mainly for smartphones, although if you wish you can find the version for PC.

How to hack Free Fire this 2020
How to hack Free Fire this 2020

While this genre has become popular lately, Free fire stands out among the other games for being compatible for mobile phones of different ranges, and this has caused a greater number of people to prefer it over other deliveries such as PUBG Mobile.

Once you hit the island, a large number of players face death in quick 10 minute games, at the end of each battle you are left wanting more, which makes this game highly addictive. Added to this is the easy handling of its controls, which allow children, youth and adults to enjoy the same way.

What are hacks for Free Fire for?

While this game is amazing, not everything is pink. To enjoy the wide catalog of characters, abilities, skins and everything that it offers us, we must get coins.

And that's where the problem comes from, since sometimes get free diamonds It becomes a tedious task or it is necessary to spend money to be able to buy them.

But here we will show you some effective ways to hack your favorite video game and thus arm yourself with equipment and skills that make you stand out above the rest. Go for it!

What are hacks for Free Fire for?
What are hacks for Free Fire for?

How to hack Free Fire with Lucky Patcher

Thanks to this application you can have an infinite amount of coins in Free fire. Lucky Patcher is an APK that allows you to change the settings of certain applications, this makes the hack for Free Fire the best way to earn diamonds, fast and easy.

You will not be able to download it from the PlayStore, you must configure your mobile so that you can make downloads of unknown origin. Make sure you download it from a reliable, virus-free source.

DOWNLOAD Lucky Patcher

Steps to hack Free Fire with Lucky Patcher

How to hack Free Fire with Lucky Patcher
How to hack Free Fire with Lucky Patcher
We advise you to make a backup copy of the app and its data in case you make a wrong step.
  • Enter the Lucky Patcher app.
  • A list of applications will appear, among them select Free Fire, and then go to «patch menu«.
  • You will tap on the only option that appears, which says "create modified APK file."
  • It will open a list of options, you must touch «APK with Multipatched».
  • At that time several options will appear, you have to touch where it says «Delete License Verification» and «Support Patch for Emulation«, They can be easily differentiated because they are green.
  • You will touch on «recompile application».
  • Then, go to the following list and click on "remove dependencies" and click on "next step". A different window will appear, don't change any settings in it.
  • You must wait a couple of minutes while the Free Fire hack.
  • After that time, it will show you the results of the hack, so you must go to the "go to file" button.
  • Another window will appear and you will click on "uninstall and install."
  • Once Free Fire is uninstalled, click install and you just have to wait a few moments.
  • Your game will already be hacked and you will have infinite diamonds.
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How to hack with Game Guardian

Another app that you can install on your mobile to hack Free Fire it is Game guardian. It is used to change various settings that will allow us to release certain restrictions that a game may have and, in the case of Free Fire, it can give us an infinite number of diamonds.

How to hack with Game Guardian
How to hack with Game Guardian

Steps to hack Free Fire with Game Guardian

Before performing this hack to have free diamonds in Free Fire, we advise you to make a backup copy of the app and its data.
  • Download and install Game guardian on your phone.
  • Inside the app they have a tutorial where it explains in detail how you must configure to hack Free Fire.
  • Next you must enter Free Fire, a Game Guardian icon will appear in the game.
  • You must enter that icon and press the magnifying glass, then you give it in "Known" and enter the amount of diamonds you have.
  • Once you do, a list of options will appear, and you will click on "Select the type of data to search", then click on "dword". There you must change the amount of diamonds you have in the game.
  • Open the icon again, and repeat the previous two steps. You must repeat the process until 3 search results appear.
  • Press the search result until a new window appears, there you will put the number of diamonds you want.
  • Wait a few moments and the diamonds you entered will appear.

How to hack with the new hacks-Script [Updated 2020]

This Hack Script is one of the safest ways to crack Free Fire, since it corrects the flaws of the previous version and integrates an anti-ban system, and you do not run any risk when using this script.

Its operation is easy, once you install it, you must open the game, where a tab will appear that allows you to activate several tricks such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Laser sight: a laser that will help you aim more precisely.
  • Automatic sight: When approaching the scope against another player, it will aim automatically.
  • Headshot: all shots go straight to the opponent's head.
  • Anti-ban system: your account does not run any risk of ban or penalty.

Hack Script Antiban

How to hack with Lulubox

This app allows change Free Fire settings, in this way we can acquire new costumes and characters for free. You can download it from the Lulubox website, so you are not at risk installing it.


How to hack with Lulubox
How to hack with Lulubox

Lulubox it is very easy to use, as it has a friendly interface and anyone can use it without problems. The best thing about this app is that you don't need the help of a root, so you don't have to install another tool for it to work properly.

Once the file has been downloaded, you must start the installation process. Then you will enter the app, and from it you will be able to see all the games it has installed. Enter the Free Fire option and you can automatically enjoy the game without any restrictions and arm yourself with the best skins of the season.

Did you like these new ways of hack Free Fire? Was it easy to get diamonds with this hack for Free Fire? Visit us! and don't stop reading our content related to game hacks.

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