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How to get free diamonds in Free Fire for Android and iOS

May 24, 2020
See how ⭐ get FREE DIAMONDS in Free Fire with LEGAL APPS and also FREE ✅ so you can buy Skins, dances and equipment.

In this post we will tell you the best ways to get diamonds in Free Fire for free both for Android and iOS and thus buy skins, dances, weapons and equipment in the fastest, easiest and safest way. ENTERS!



Do you want to know how get diamonds in Free Fire totally free? If your answer is positive, don't worry! Here we tell you all the details.

The Battle Royale fever has shocked the whole world and that is why Free Fire is one of the multiplayer video games that has kept all gamers crazy.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire for Android and iOS
How to get free diamonds in Free Fire for Android and iOS

Its theme is not different from the rest and complies with the same principle. It's about everyone falling onto an island, surviving and winning until the end. And despite being free, it has an integrated currency called diamonds, which are used to buy, weapons, clothing, pets, dances, among other things.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

In Free Fire there are many ways to get the famous diamonds and also for free. You wonder how to do it? Well, one of the viable ways is through third-party apps. These systems remunerate you for carrying out certain activities, once the tasks have been carried out with the money acquired you can buy the coins you want. These are the most popular:

Make money

One of the apps for get diamonds in Free Fire for free is with Make money, this tool has a rating of 4.7 on the PlayStore, with this score you can predict the level of trust and seriousness of the application. It is available for mobile devices Android and iOS.

Make money
Make money

The interface of Make money It is easy and quick to understand, but how is it possible to earn diamonds with this app? Simple, performing certain tasks that are not complex at all, in this way you can be rewarded and use the money to buy diamonds. The tasks are as follows:

  • View short videos: Each video consists of approximately 1-2 minutes.
  • Install Games: Download and install video games. Try them for a few minutes and you're done.
  • Complete surveys: answer 5 minute surveys, simple and very quick questions.
  • Give your opinion: objectively give your opinion about a product and you will be automatically credited.

The tasks can be done while they are available within the app. Keep in mind that the more you do, the faster you can reach the minimum charge. Payments are made directly to the PayPal account in 2 to 3 business days, this is an option on how to get free diamonds for Free Fire that you cannot miss.

Money App

Money App It is another alternative to generate real money in an easy and reliable way. It is currently free on the PlayStore and available for Android and iOS.

Its function is similar to the previous one, here you can perform simple mini-tasks that will not take more than three minutes, some of the activities that you must do are the following:

Money App
Money App
    • Play short videos.
    • Test some applications.
    • Complete some surveys.
  • Give your opinion regarding sites and venues.

With this system the only investment you have to make is time and the best of Money App is that he always has tasks available. Once the minimum payment has been reached, you can collect and the payments will be sent directly to your PayPal personal account. That easy!

Without a doubt, this platform is another good alternative to get diamonds in Free Fire and acquire the suits and weapons of the season, which will make you a more PRO player in each game.

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Google Opinion Rewards

The store of Google play has hundreds of applications that pay to perform tasks, but none of it is official Google, except Google Opinion Rewards. It has the backing and trust of the giant Google and thanks to this you will not have any problems with payments.

Within the system you must perform non-complex mini-jobs to later be remunerated. The first thing you should do is fill out a form with your information and address, upon completing the registration, tasks will eventually arrive in your email according to your profile. The activities are like the ones mentioned below:

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
  • Polls: at the moment of starting a survey you will enter "filter" mode, these are simple questions and if you manage to pass this filter you will access the survey. If for any occasion you cannot access it, you will still be rewarded.
  • Opinion about a product: There are stores affiliated with Google LLC. Therefore, depending on your location, surveys will be sent where they will need your opinion about certain products, whether they are (cleaning, food, technology or more). It should be noted that the opinion must be subjective to be rewarded.

On the other hand, Google Opinion Rewards goes even further with its users since if you activate your GPS and roam around the city, you will receive mail so that you can visit certain stores and give your opinion. It is likely that they will request photos of the store or a specific product. Thanks to this you can earn up to 10$ For performing these tasks, payments are made to your PayPal account directly.


If this 2020 you are in the diamond quest for Free Fire in a free and legal way, you must take into account Swagbuck. This is one of the platforms with the longest time in the market, your trust has been earned thanks to the security and compliance in all your payments.


It has an interface dynamic, attractive, easy and fast to use. In addition, the mini-jobs to be done are simple and will only take a couple of minutes a day, you can perform all the available tasks without problems.

Within the list of activities you can watch two minute videos, complete some surveys, give your opinion about products or services, make purchases in a particular store or simply look for some information on the web.

At the end of an activity, it will be added to your balance “SB” points, these points can be accumulated and then exchanged for balance PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play cards and other platforms. Available for Android and iOS.

Another way to get diamonds for Free Fire for free

Another alternative that exists to get free diamonds is following the gamers of the video game Free Fire. Generally these professionals give away diamonds and codes during a live broadcast (Streaming) or in their social networks that can help you.

Another way to get diamonds for Free Fire for free
Another way to get diamonds for Free Fire for free

In addition, within the game you can get diamonds thanks to roulette totally free. It should be noted that this trick is not the fastest but it is the safest.

If you download all the applications right now, apply the tricks within the game and start following the most popular Youtubers of the moment, you will be able to obtain many diamonds in a legal way and without spending a single penny. Cheer up!

I hope this post has been to your liking and we hope you continue to enjoy our content Gaming. Visit us!

Did you learn how get free diamonds in Free Fire? Did the roulette trick? Leave us your opinion in the comments of this post.

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