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How to hack Clash Royale for free

17 September, 2020
Looking to Hack Clash Royale game and add UNLIMITED GEMS ✅ for FREE? ENTER HERE ⭐, to see how to make it EASY.

In this post I will show you how hack the Clash Royale video game for free and be able to have infinite gems. ENTERS!


Clash Royale is a very addictive strategy video game ... And it's not for nothing, it has won numerous gaming awards such as AMD eSports (much to talk about by the way).

Since the release of this strategic video game to early March 2016, It generated a lot of reputation, to the point that even before its departure, it already had thousands and thousands of searches on Google:

Searches over time for Clash Royale.
Source: Google Trends.

Well, like any game, after takeoff, it always stops being so popular. Does not matter. This game will always be a legend!

After a long time, some computer experts They managed to create a Hack for Clash Royale, in which you can have free infinite Gems and many legendary chests. Do you want to know how to hack it? Keep reading!

How to hack Clash Royale for free?

East hack for the Clash Royale is functional, and with which you can have infinite gems, as you see in the following image:

How to hack Clash Royale: functional hack to have infinite gems.

Phenomenal! Do not you believe it? Imagine what you could do with all those gems, which because there are many for the game, are considered as having almost almost infinite gems.

Just see how many chests you have below! Uff ... Well, now, let's go to what corresponds to us: we will teach you how to hack Clash Royale easily and for free.

If you want to be able to hack this game successfully, you just have to follow the following steps:

You must first uninstall the Clash Royale app if you have it. Make a game backup- Connect your progress with Facebook and Supercell ID so you don't lose your game.

1.- First, you will need to download the HappyMod app (known as the store to hack games and apps). You can download it from the following link.

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DOWNLOAD HappyMod app

If it does not let you install the app, it is because your cell phone does not allow install apps from unknown sources. Follow the link to learn how to enable that option on your Android.

2.- After, you should install the app: when the download is finished, which does not usually take a few minutes, click on "Install".

3.- Wait for the procedure to finish. Once the installation is done, open the app. You will see something like this:

HappyMod home screen.

4.- Now, in the search engine, type something like «hack Clash Royale«. You will see that you will have a result. Click inside the result:

Installation of the hack for Clash Royale.

You will probably have to see an ad first before the app lets you install the Clash Royale Hack.

5.- Then click on "Install". Wait for the hack to install.

Ready! Open your Clash Royale game, and you will see that it will be hacked with infinite gems.

We hope this post has been of your help and pleasure. Remember that in our blog you can see more Game Hacks.

See you in a next post.