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Hack for Helix Jump: Earn points faster and have immortality

May 24, 2020
Find a FREE HELIX JUMP game HACK ACK, to have immortality, ad blocking and earn points.

In this post you will find a Hack: you can have the game Helix Jump hacked for free, to have immortality, ad blocking, earn points faster and get the most out of each game. Come in NOW!



When a game enters the category of favorites for users of mobile devices, then we will hear a lot about it. In this case, we are talking about Helix Jump, an indie-style game that has managed to conquer the app stores. Since his departure, he has caused a stir and we can say that many people will have heard of him. 

Let's get to know a little about the game. What is it about, why it has been so popular among millions of users, what is the study behind this masterpiece of simplicity ... and we will even see how we can hack it to get the most out of it of the games.

If you still do not know this game, or are interested in knowing more about it, here you will know everything you need to know this title in depth. (If you already know what we are talking about, you can go straight to the hack).

What is Helix Jump?

The first thing to know is that Helix Jump is free. In 2018, it became the most downloaded game on the App Store in Spain, while, in the rest of the world, it was in second position. These are figures that undoubtedly make one keep an eye on this title, as it was even able to surpass Fortnite as the most downloaded game for a long period. 

Hack for Helix Jump
Hack for Helix Jump

And why has this game been so successful? If the games that have positioned themselves in the first places have taught us something, it is that the key is in simplicity. Many have been the titles that have become popular due to its simple mechanics, which is addictive. 

Well, the developers of this game have had that very clear. Helix Jump is a game simple but that promises a good time of fun. 

How is the gameplay?

We have already mentioned it, the game has such simple mechanics, it only takes a couple of minutes to fully understand it. However, mastering it is going to be a very different matter. 

Helix Jump takes us to a classic game style of an Indie title. We have a ball that will free fall under its own weight along a long tower. As the ball falls, some platforms will get in the way.

Helix Jump gameplay
Helix Jump gameplay

The goal is very easy, with just one finger, we are able to move the tower to the right or leftIn this way, the ball can pass through the gaps between the obstacles. 

So if we collide, is the game over? Not quite, if the ball reaches bounce off some of the platforms, we will lose some of the points that we will have accumulated during the fall. However, this will not always be forgiven. The platforms have some red areas, if we fall on them, then we will lose the level and it will be necessary to start over. 

But there is more. The game also has certain advantages, so to speak. If we can cross three platforms without bouncing, then the ball will acquire greater strength, being able to break a platform, in order to avoid losing points.

As we go without crashing, the ball will go faster, also allowing to earn more points, which in turn will make it more difficult to avoid a collision, it is all a matter of good coordination and saving the advantages for the moment it is necessary.

DOWNLOAD Helix Jump for Android

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DOWNLOAD Helix Jump for Apple (iOS)

Voodoo, the company behind this game

This company is of French origin, and is dedicated to game development and publishing. It opened its doors in 2013, by the hand of Alexander Yazdi and Laurent Ritter. The main focus of the developers lies in the creation of independent games, both for Android and iOS devices. 

Voodoo, the company behind this game
Voodoo, the company behind this game

Voodoo has become one of the first companies to make a significant amount of money by creating Indie style games, which was very difficult for other companies. 

Something that stands out a lot about the company is that all its titles have been free, however, they come with certain advertising, which is not blamed on them, since in some way it must generate certain profits. If you are one of those who invasive advertising bothers them and they also like to have FREE benefits. A hack is the solution!

Helix Jump hack

In order to install the Hack correctly and have Helix Jump hacked and free we must follow these steps:

Helix Jump hack
Helix Jump hack
  1. Download the hack of this game, following this link.
  2. You must install that APK to have Helix Jump totally hacked.
  3. Grant the permissions necessary to run on the device.
  4. Once the hack is activated, the next thing to do is open the normal game and that's it.

This is going to start and in the first instance we will not observe any difference. But nevertheless, at the start of the game, we can notice something in the upper left. A small rectangle which is called Menu. When deploying it, we can visualize several options.

How to use the Helix Jump Hack

These are the different tricks that will allow us to overcome each level without taking damage and accumulating points faster:

  1. The first option, it is simply so that no ads appear, in this way, we will get rid of the annoying advertising that sometimes tends to be invasive.
  2. The second trick, It will allow us to land in the red areas of the platforms without dying, it is like a kind of immortality, perfect for passing levels in a simple way and accumulating the most points.
  3. The third trick It is one of the most fun, this allows us to destroy the platforms if we land in the red areas, instead of dying, we will be clearing the tower of obstacles and obtaining points for it.
  4. The last trick It is perhaps the most important for those looking to accumulate points and climb the ranking, it wraps the ball in a kind of red aura which is capable of making us earn points faster.

As we can see, get Helix Jump hacked and free It is very simple. With these tricks we can overcome our friends easily and quickly, the best part is that they may not notice that we are using a hack.

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Finally, we hope this tutorial has worked for you Hack Helix Jump, have immortality and points faster.

See you in another post.