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How to download Left 4 Dead for free and Full for PC, Xbox One and PS4

May 25, 2020
See how to DOWNLOAD ⭐ Left 4 Dead FREE AND FULL, the APK for Android ✅, both for (PC [either Steam or direct Full], Xbox One or 360 and PlayStation 4). ⭐

In this post you will learn how download the Left 4 Dead video game for free and Full, the APK for Android and download it for both (PC [by Steam or Full], Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4) either from Steam or other popular platforms. ENTERS!



Over the years, many games have been framed in the minds of gamers. Left 4 Dead it's one of those games. Launched in 2009, this incredible action and first person shooter game will always be remembered as one of the most fun and full of adrenaline.

One of the things that popularized this title is its cooperative modality of up to four peopleEither online or split screen. We could meet up with three more friends and face endless hordes of zombies using an extensive arsenal and controllable objects on the map.

You will learn how to download Left 4 Dead Full for free for PC, Xbox One, and to download the APK for Android and PS4.
You will learn how to download Left 4 Dead Full for free for PC, Xbox One, and to download the APK for Android and PS4.

The game houses much more than just hordes of zombies. It is composed of more than 20 large maps, totally explorable and that will allow us to explore a post-apocalyptic world, totally destroyed. And there is more than just zombies, as we will also face special infected with abilities, which will make things much more interesting and fun.

If we are one of those who love unbridled action, or also seek to relive those moments when we played, here we are going to talk about how can we download this shooter for various platforms. Whether they are console, computer or even Smartphone users, we just have to know where to look. Join us!

Installation requirements

We are talking about a game that came out ten years ago, so the Left 4 Dead PC requirements (either downloaded from Steam or external pages) shouldn't be so demanding nowadays. Here we share them:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or higher.
  • Processor: It should be at least a Pentium 4.3.0 GHz, but an Intel Core 2 is recommended.
  • RAM: It can be 1 GB, but with 2 GB we can go more on insurance.
  • Graphic card: NVidia 7600 or higher, at least 128 MB.
  • Disc space: We need a minimum of 7.6 GB.

If our PC meets or exceeds all these requirements, then we can only download and install it to enjoy many hours annihilating hordes of zombies.

Download it for PC for free

At first it was only available for the seventh generation consoles, but over time Left 4 Dead for computer or PC hit the market. It is now one of the most popular action and shooting games among adrenaline junkies.

You will learn how to download it for PC, Xbox 360 and ONE, PS4 and Android APK.
You will learn how to download it for PC, Xbox 360 and ONE, PS4 and Android APK.

There's a lot Ways to Download Left 4 Dead Game for PC for Free, here we are going to talk about a very reliable page. As we know, when downloading games for our PC, we must be selective and use only official sources, or in this case reliable ones.

What you should do will be the following:

  • Enter this website here.
  • Go to the bottom where it says "download options".
  • Select the portal of your preference.
  • Depending on the one you select, it will redirect you to the portal for the download.
  • It only remains to finish the installation.

Download Left 4 Dead from Steam

The steam platform It is very popular for being a virtual store for gamers, and it is precisely there that we will find the Left 4 Dead. All we have to do is go to the Steam website and search for Left 4 Dead.

Download it for PC for free from the Steam platform.
Download it for PC for free from the Steam platform.

We will be given a brief description of the game, what are the requirements for PC, and of course the price, which as of today the price to download Left 4 Dead for PC on Steam It is $9.99 USD, which is pretty good, considering everything this game has to offer in its more than 20 maps. Download here.

Left 4 Dead Full free

When it comes to downloading a free game in an unofficial way, you should always be cautious, and make sure to choose trusted pages, that is, they are well valued and have positive comments. In the case of Left 4 Dead so Full plus free, we recommend download from link here.

Download Left 4 Dead fully Full.
Download Left 4 Dead fully Full.

It is completely free, gives a description of the game and also shows us the requirements. Once we have downloaded the game we just have to start with the installation, follow the simple steps in the tutorial, and after a moment we will be done.

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Download Left 4 Dead for Xbox One

For those Xbox One users who want to get their hands on this gem from their console, the news is pretty good. Left 4 Dead for Xbox One has been included in the list of compatible games for the new console, so we can download or buy the Xbox 360 game and play it on the new one without problems.

Download it for Xbox One and download it for Xbox 360.
Download it for Xbox One and download it for Xbox 360.

We just have to search the Xbox stores and do the process as if it were for an Xbox 360. Download here.

Download for Xbox 360

This was the generation of consoles with which this series of action games began. It was a time when cooperative games became quite popular and this being able to play with up to four people became very popular.

Unfortunately you will not be able to get it or download that game for free without Microsoft catching you and lock you out of the online experience, but you do have it at a Accesible priceSince Left 4 Dead for the Xbox 360 console, although it is not free, you have it for less than $25 USD.

Download it for Xbox 360.
Download it for Xbox 360.

At first I could physically buy in stores. Now, it can be purchased through Xbox Live, or from the Microsoft for a price of $19.99. When you buy the game, the download will be synchronized and installed directly on our console, all that remains is to play. Download Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360 here.

Download Left 4 Dead APK for Android

In order to enjoy this video game there is a page that allows the successful download on Android devices. To do so, you just have to enter the web that we will leave you below and follow the steps.

It's too simple be able to download the APK of this game, Left 4 Dead It is developed for that, and here you will have it Full and for free.

  • Enter the page from here.
  • After that, click on the Android download button; automatically download will start on your mobile device.
  • Once the download is done, start running it on your phone.
  • Complete the entire verification process for successful installation.
  • Ready! Now will be available on your mobile.

It is important to note that before downloading, you must give your smartphone the corresponding permissions to use third-party stores to Google Play.

Section to download the APK of Left 4 Dead Full and free.
Section to download the APK of Left 4 Dead Full and free.

Playing it from an Android device may not be as comfortable as on a console or on the PC, since the graphic level will not be the same, nor will the controls, but that should not prevent us from having fun killing hordes of zombies. Download the Left 4 Dead APK for free for Android here.

Download for PlayStation 4

The truth is that it is very difficult to get it for free for this console, not to say that it is not possible. In case it is downloadable, we can only do it through the PlayStation virtual store, and no, there is no way to pass the installed game if you already have it on PS3. As long as there is compatibility, we can always download and install it without problems.

Left 4 Dead Full free on PS4.
Left 4 Dead Full free on PS4.

Left 4 Dead is one of the games that has passed to the next generation and that players are still looking to enjoy. Now they know how they can get it for different consoles, although paid media may not be the favorite of many, these are the safest, especially for consoles, remember that this game it is not officially free.

We hope this article has been very helpful in learning how download Left 4 Dead Full free both for PC computer, Xbox One console, Xbox 360, Android APK, PlayStation 4 and from the Steam platform.

Finally we would like to remind you that in our blog you can always find quality content and interesting tutorials that will make your life easier. Visit us!

And you, could you successfully download Left 4 Dead Full free and the APK for Android? Was it difficult to download it from Steam or for free PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4? Don't forget to tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

Until next time!