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SetBeat app, the free Spotify clone for Android, iOS and PC

May 25, 2020
Meet ⭐ SetBeat app, the FREE SPOTIFY CLONE and how to download ✅ (both for Android APK, iOS, PC, SetBeat Web (online) and listen to music 24 hours a day. ⭐

In this post you will know SetBeat app, the free Spotify clone and how to download both for Android APK, iOS, PC, SetBeat Web (online) and thus have this medium available to enjoy good music most of the time. Enters!


Welcome to this post.

For many of us, the music is something that is part of our day to day. It is always a good companion in the exercise routine, creates a pleasant atmosphere at home and even when we are in the car or on public transport, either on the way to work or to classes, we like it enjoy various melodies.

Some don't pay much attention to it, but for others it can make a big difference in mood.

And it is no secret to anyone that music can greatly influence how we feel, and those of us who enjoy it understand it more than other people. That is why it is important and very practical to have a means that allows us enjoy music 24/7. Keep reading that this may interest you.

What is SetBeat app?

Currently there are applications that make it possible to listen and download music in turn anytime you want, however, nowadays people no longer download as much music as before, applications and the internet have been in charge of giving us more comfort and opportunity to listen to it via streaming, without the need to fill space on our devices. But, what tool can be used for that?

SetBeat app, the free Spotify clone for Android, iOS and PC
SetBeat app, the free Spotify clone for Android, iOS and PC

SetBeat app is a tool that gives us the ability to play, create play list, build album, download mp3 and much more totally free. And if we are familiar with Spotify, then we will understand very well with it, since it is an application of that style. Let's see it as Spotify's distant cousin only this one, offers us all the benefits of his most famous relative, without needing to pay a single penny. Thanks to this last benefit, it has earned a good reputation among users and the nickname: "SetBeat app, the free Spotify clone"

On the other hand, it offers a solution for those people who do not want, or cannot maintain a premium account on Spotify. In addition, it is very easy to use and has a well-developed interface that allows to operate it without problems. If you want to learn how download SetBeat free, do not lose details, below we will present the best ways.

Download SetBeat for free

East program is completely free, and also has all the benefits of the premium version of Spotify. In addition to having an online version, we can also download it for our mobile devices. Thus we will live a complete experience to transport our favorite music anywhere.

We just have to imagine Spotify, with all its functions, totally free and without any advertising while we listen to music. That's SetBeat Android, an alternative for those of us who do not have the provision to maintain a monthly payment in a paid app.

Installing it is something simple, and here we are going to explain step by step how we can have SetBeat available in APK or another format, the free Spotify clone on our smartphones, either: Android or iPhone, iOS systems, PC (Windows) or even portable devices like the iPod, ideal for listening to music. Go for it!

Download for Android APK

In Android, SetBeat is an excellent application, nothing comes better for our smartphone than a tool in which not only can listen to music via streaming, but also download it. The experience that we will live is same as Spotify for Android, but as we already know, there will be no advertising, much less we will need to pay to have all the benefits.

We will have a friendly interface, and very intuitive, something we will be familiar with, so we will adapt to it quickly. At the same time, download SetBeat for Android it will allow us to download the mp3 music that we are listening to on our cell phone, like this we can listen to them offline.

For download the APK of SetBeat app for your Android, we just have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, it is necessary enter here.
  2. Once we open it, the option to download it. And clearly we are told that to install the application we must open the next url in the browser of our android device.
  3. Doing this, we are shown a download button, when pressing it a warning will appear, advising us that in order to install the application it is necessary to have the Unknown Origins option. This is very common to install apps APK, No need to worry.
  4. Below we will have the button to download the APK file.
Download for Android APK and SetBeat Web (online)
Download for Android APK and SetBeat Web (online)

As we can see, installing SetBeat on Android is quite easyAs long as we follow the steps to the letter, we can enjoy the application on our devices.

Download for iOS

For iPhone, iPod and iPad users, there is hope too. This medium also works and is available for those whose devices have an operating system iOS and want to download the SetBeat app; It has the same advantages and benefits that we have been talking about so far.

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Download SeatBeat for iOS It's not as straightforward as it is for Android, but we're not talking about rocket science either. We will only need to do a few things beyond the typical routine to install an app, but you just have to think about the possibility of listening to your favorite music and downloading it to always carry it with us.

These are the steps to follow to download and install SetBeat on iOS:

  1. We must enter the download section of the Official site, for the iOS version.
  2. Now, we are at the download screen. But what happens? There is not button or link to downloadInstead, it tells us that to install this app on iOS we need an invitation from a user who is already using SetBeat on their mobile device.
  3. Once we get a person to give us a invitation for app, we must open that link from our iPhone, or any other device that uses iOS.
  4. This time the application download options will appear, we just have to click the button and wait for the process to complete.
Download for iOS
Download for iOS

It may seem like a more complicated process, but let's remember how Apple is sometimes with its devices, it doesn't always make it easy for us.

Luckily, we will always find a way and this is one of them to not only download, but also install the SetBeat app for iOS.

Download for PC

For PC, SetBeat does not have a downloadable version for desktop, Spotify does. But come on, this is no reason not to be able to download and enjoy SetBeat on PC. We can always find the solution to something from different perspectives. In the case of install SetBeat on a PC, is to do it through a Android emulator.

What we must do is find an emulator that we like and install it. There are several options to choose from, and here we give you some of them so that you can download for PC in the fastest and easiest way:

  • Nox. This is one of the most popular, but it is also the heaviest, our PC must have good specs. Download here.
  • Droid4X. A lighter and just as efficient option. Download here.
  • Bluestacks. Another alternative that is among the most used. Download here.
Download for Windows
Download for Windows

Well, once we have our Android emulator, and try that it can be used without problems, then This is what we must do to download the SetBeat app on your PC:

  1. First we download the file SetBeat APK for Android.
  2. In the folder where it was downloaded, we locate this file and right-click on it.
  3. In the multiple choices that are shown to us, we will choose the one of «Open with ...», and there we will select the emulator that we already have installed.
  4. We just have to follow the installer steps and once the process is finished, ready. Now we can use the app as if it were on an Android device.

The process can be somewhat tedious, but it is a solution for those users who want to use and download SetBeat on the PC.

SetBeat Web (online)

Now, there is no need to go to all the trouble of wanting to have SetBeat on your desktop. SetBeat app comes with its own website, which works correctly, without errors, and allows us to create an account quickly and for free. Amazing, right?

Online version of SetBeat Web.
Online version of SetBeat Web.

Not only can we listen to music quietly while we are connected to the internet, but we can download it directly to our computer. All the benefits that we have mentioned for mobile devices, we will have them here too.

The web interface it is quite comfortableFrom there we can even search for our favorite songs or artists, there is even the option of creating a playlist that will be saved in our session. Is a more comfortable option for enjoy SetBeat Web as if it were the Android APK in the PC.

Now we know an option to be able to listen music for free, without having to worry about limitations and thus be able to live a unique and complete experience.

There are no excuses, thanks to this information you will know how to download Free SeatBeat for Android, iOS, PC, and thus take the music wherever you go. Would you dare to try it?

We hope this post has been very helpful for learn about SetBeat app, the free Spotify clone and how it has gained popularity in recent times.

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Were you able to download SetBeat free (both for Android APK, PC, iOS, SetBeat Web (online)? Tell us about your experiences.

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