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Download Office 2019 Full for Life [32 and 64 bits]

May 26, 2020
⭐ OFFICE 2019 FULL ⭐ We will teach you HOW TO DOWNLOAD, install and ACTIVATE Microsoft Office 2019 ✅ with CMD without programs, Full in Spanish, for life.

In this post we will teach you how to download, install and activate Microsoft Office 2019 Full in Spanish, for life. You will be able to use activators or activate Office 2019 with CMD Code without programs!


Welcome to a post on my blog.

Microsoft Office 2019 is the TOP version of this popular office suite, which was released to the public at the end of September 2018.

I will tell you not only the news that this suite has, but I will also show you how download and install Office 2019 totally Full in Spanish, oh, and also activated.

Important note

It can be cracked and here we show you how. You will be able to enjoy ALL the benefits, but you will NOT be able to enjoy the official updates when being cracked.

If you want to enjoy these updates and future news, we have the best price for you to buy an official license.

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Well, first I will tell you about the great news of the version of this suite that we have for you (below you will find the download and installation instructions).

What's new in this Suite

This recent Office suite will contain not only everything that 365 has, they also added some interesting things, such as:

  • Functions of fully improved drawing on the touch screen.
  • New options and animations for PowerPoint.
  • In the matter of data analytics in Excel, new graphics and functions.
  • Word: added more accessibility, better word processing tools, plus a great new black theme.
  • Outlook: Mail management was improved, as they incorporated updated and improved cards not only for contacts, but also for the summary of deliveries and groups for Office 365.
  • Many more news.
Learn how to download Microsoft Office 2019 in Full.
Office Suite 2019.

How to install Microsoft Office 2019 Full activated

Well, we move on to the desired tutorial. Before doing so, mention that the minimum requirements are as follows:

  • You must have Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016, you will not be able to install it in previous versions.
  • YOU MUST NOT HAVE another suite installed.
  • You must have your Antivirus completely deactivated before starting.

If you meet the requirements, great! Let's move on to the instructions:

1.- You must download Office 2019 Full. You will find the download link in the download section of this post (below).

2.- Open the folder where it was downloaded, and unzip the file (If you don't have what to unzip it with, you can download WinRAR Full for Windows).

3.- Now, inside the folder that was extracted, run as administrator the file «OInstall.exe«.

4.- Next, a window will open for you. Change your settings to install Office 2019 Activated, as you can see here:

Activating the suite with an Office 2019 activator.

Change the settings. Select "Microsoft Office 2019".

5.- Now, if your PC is 32-bit, select "x86", and if it is 64-bit, select "x64".

6.- In the «Langs» section, select «es-ES», which is the code that represents the Spanish Language.

7.- Select the products you want install Office Suite 2019.

8.- Once everything is ready, click on «Install Office«.

Solution to Error: 30015-11
It is very rare that it happens, but if it happens to you, click here to see the solution (Although it says it is for another Office except 2019, the solution works).
Solution to Error: work remains in certain '%'
This error can happen if you have a Lenovo, Dell or Sony PC. Don't worry, it has a solution. You can see the solution here.

9.- Wait for the Microsoft Suite Office 2019 Full is finished installing. When it finishes, you will get a pop-up window like this:

It is the pop-up window to have Office 2019 fully activated and full. Hit "Yes".

It is the pop-up window to have Office 2019 fully activated and full. Hit "Yes."

10.- Once you have given "Yes", you will see a message that says "Office converting ...", wait a few moments until get the message out from «=== Completed === ». READY, now open it!

How to activate Office 2019 Full

11.- IN THE EVENT THAT YOU HAVE NOT YET BEEN ACTIVATED: Return to the trigger tab, and click on this option:

Click on that button that the pointer points to to continue with the activation.

12.- You will open a pop-up window. At the bottom right, press the "Refresh" button.

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13.- Now, a list will be displayed. Check only the options that say 19 of all that list, and uncheck all the others, as you see in the following image:

Check all the options that say "Office 19".

14.- Now, press the «Setup» button and wait a moment; You will notice that the options have been obscured.

15.- When all the options (buttons) have been clarified, close that screen, and on the main screen (where you pressed the button to open the list in the previous image), press the "Activate Office" button, to activate Office 2019 totally Full.

16.- A pop-up window will open after a moment. Click on "Allow access".

17.- When you get the "Exiting" message in the blue message center, YOU'RE FINISHED!

Important note
If you get an error saying that the product license cannot be verified, click here to see the solution.
If after trying all the previous solutions, when entering your Suite, you get the message that it is not activated, we invite you to read the instructions below, which detail how activate Microsoft Office 2019 Full without programs.

How to activate Office 2019 from CMD without programs

If for some reason you can't activate your suite using the triggers described above, then this method WILL WORK FOR 100% in one go.

It is about forcing Windows and Microsoft Office 2019 to recognize the CMD code to activate 100% without using programs.

In order to do so, follow the steps described below:

1.- First, go to your Windows desktop, and there, press the set of keys «Windows + R«. The "Run" window will open.

2.- Subsequently, write in the text box the word «notepad«.

3.- A text document will open for you. Now, you will have to copy a special code in the text box. The CMD code to activate Office 2019 without programs, you will find it here:

CMD CODE to activate Office 2019

4.- COPY that code, and paste it into the text document. Then click on «File> Save As«.

5.- Save the document with the format «.cmd«, That is, you can give it a name like«activateOffice2019.cmd«.

6.- Next, see where you saved the file, right click it and click on «Execute as an administrator«. Accept the permissions to run the program.

7.- The following CMD window will appear. The code is preparing to activate the Microsoft Office 2019 with the CMD code without using programs.

Activate Office 2019 with CMD Code without programs.
Activate Office 2019 with CMD Code without programs.

8.- Finally, you will have to wait a few seconds, this may take a while. When the text «", will be over.

That way, it's like you can activate Microsoft Office 2019 suite without programs with the use of a CMD code.

Download Office 2019 Full Activated

As we have seen, this program incorporates great innovations in terms of design, document creation and ease of use.

Because this software is paid, there are not many places where you can download Office Suite 2019 in a Full way, but here you will find it FREE.

To download it totally Full, I will leave you a link that your destination will lead to MEGA. Follow the link that leads to the following button:

Download Office 2019 Activated

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In the same way, if you did not understand the steps in this tutorial, I leave you the original video which I consulted to create this great post.

Were you able to download, install and activate Microsoft Office 2019 Full? Let us know how you did down here in the comments!

See you in another new post.