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How to fully activate Office 2007 Full

May 26, 2020
✅ Here we will teach you HOW to ACTIVATE Office 2007 Full completely, step by step with an ACTIVATOR or Office 2007 Keys / Serials. ✅ ENTER!

In this post we will teach you how to activate Office 2007 Full, step by step with this ACTIVATOR or using Office 2007 Keys or Serials. ENTER!


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This software is the successor to the past 2003, which integrates many improvements over the previous version. The most notable is the Office Fluent graphical interface.

Today we will not see in detail any new novelty of this software, since we are going to show you how activate Office 2007 Full.

How to know if Office 2007 is activated

Click on the office button (It is located in the upper left part), and then, in the lower right part of the window, click on «Word options«, And then go to« Resources ».

Enter «Activate Microsoft Office»And click on« Activate ». A window will open that will tell you if you have it activated or not.

How to activate Office 2007 Full

1.- Download the activator (You can find it in the download section of this post).

2.- Unzip the file, and then go into the folder you have left.

Office 2007 Activator.

3.- There will be 3 files. Run as administrator the one called «Office 2010 Toolkit«.

NOTE: Although the program has the name 2010, in the same way it is used to activate this software that we want to activate.

4.- You will get this screen:

Office 2007 Activator: program start screen.

This program will allow you to fully activate it without any delay. We believe that when you open it the default option is 2010. You should make sure change it to 2007.

5.- When you are ready, click on "EZ Activator".

NOTE: If for something it shows you "Cannot use EZ Activator [...]", go to "License Files" and click on "Repair". Then go to "Main" and again go to step 5 of this tutorial.

6.- Wait a few seconds. When I just activated itIt will notify you with a message similar to "was successfully activated".

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READY! You have learned how to activate Office 2007 full.

Get serial Office 2007 enterprise

If you don't want to activate it with a program, and you prefer to enter a serial number and save yourself all these steps, download the pack in the download section of this post.

Serials or activation codes and verification, are identifiers of the same Office 2007 to be able to validate the activation of the product.

Without these, it would be virtually impossible to know who has your 100% verified software. But do not worry, you should not buy them, because here we have some Office 2007 keys.

Office 2007 Activator.

As shown in the above image, includes Office 2007 activator along with a text that has the serial.

Download Office 2007 Full

This suite is too popular due to its high percentage of great features added by Microsoft.

The powerful Suite, even though it may be years old, will always give a lot to talk about, with its famous old-fashioned editing style.

If you wish download this Microsoft Office 2007 Suite, you will have the direct link to the download of the file on your computer. Follow it:


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If you got lost for something, I'll leave you a explanatory video. It explains how to install 2010, but it is the same procedure for this one.

¿You were able to activate Office 2007 Full? How was the trigger? Let us know below how it went!

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