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How to download and install WinRAR Full for Windows

May 26, 2020
You can ⭐ DOWNLOAD WINRAR ✅ normal and Portable for any 64-BIT or 32-BIT WINDOWS totally FREE and FULL. ⭐ ENTER!

In this tutorial you can download WinRAR normal and Portable for any Windows 64 or 32 bits totally free and Full. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post.

Today it is of vital importance compress files, why? simple: to save disk space, to have everything more organized in a single package.

That's why you're about to find out how to download and install the WinRAR both of 64 as 32 bit fully FULL and free, but for those who do not know what this program is, we always answer the question (if you already know what it is, skip the instructions):

What is this program?

This program allows you unzip and compress files, reducing the original size of the file and being able to decompress it to obtain the original file.

The purpose of this application is to reduce the size of the original files and make them more accessible and cleaner.

This application is paid, however there is already a crack to be able to download WinRAR fully Full. It exists for 54 and 32 bits and is totally free.

How to download WinRAR Full for Windows.

How to install it step by step

In this section we will teach you how to install this program on your computer, whether it is WinRAR Full for 64-bit and 32-bit architecture.

You should know that first you must download the installation pack of the program located in the corresponding download sections, so by this point you should already know what type of architecture your Windows computer has.

In order to install the WinRAR Full 64 and 32 bit, go to the download section of the respective WinRAR package, there we will explain the installation process.

Download WinRAR 64-bit Full

This section covers the installation steps for the file decompression program for 64-bit architecture.

All you have to do is download it and follow the steps for the correct installationYou will also learn to activate WinRAR for Windows 64-bit in a Full way.

Download WinRAR - 64 bits Full

If you want to install this program inside your computer, you must follow the following steps:

1.- Once you have downloaded the program, you must run the installer of the program.

2.- A window like the following:

WinRAR 64-bit installer FULL.
WinRAR 64-bit installer FULL.

You must select the path where you want to install it (usually in program files). You can do that by clicking "Browse ...".

3.- Then, you must do click at button «Install».

4.- Wait for the process to finish; when that has happened, you will get many boxes with options. We suggest you activate «Cascading contextual menus» to have WinRAR from 64 bits to Full.

5.- Ready, now, let's proceed to the activation steps.

Activate WinRAR 64-bit

The program that we presented previously was only the installer of the famous WinRAR in the 64-bit architecture for the Windows operating system.

If not activated, the software will be launching annoying messages every so often to remind you to complete the activation.

If you want to avoid this, you must apply a crack to activate WinRAR 64-bit in a Full and free way, so that the file decompression program stops bothering you.

Follow the steps below to achieve this task:

1.- First, you must download the crack for WinRAR.

Download crack for WinRAR 64 bits

2.- After that, unzip the trigger or crack for WinRAR.

3.- After that, goes into the resulting folder that was left after decompression.

4.- Doing that, you will see a file named "rarreg.key"; copy it by right clicking on that file, and clicking "Copy".

5.- You must go in the resulting folder where you chose to install WinRAR, and paste and replace the file you copied.

READY! This is how i know activate WinRAR with the crack 64-bit Full for Windows. You can check it because you won't get this message:

If you don't have this message, the program is activated.
If you don't have this message, the program is activated.

Download WinRAR 32-bit Full

At this point, this section of the post will explain how you can download and install the famous WinRAR for the 32-bit Full architecture for Microsoft Windows.

If you want to get it, we will first show you the link to go to the software download, and then we will show you the details of how to install and activate it for life, step by step.

Download WinRAR - 32 BITS Full

Now, follow the steps for a correct installation of this famous file decompression program:

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1.- First, and once the software is downloaded, you should know that you have downloaded a installer (ending .exe) official program. Double click to start the full 32-bit WinRAR installation process.

2.- When you have opened it, you will see an appearance of the installer similar to the following:

WinRAR 32 bit full installer appearance.
WinRAR 32 bit full installer appearance.

You must choose the folder where you want that this famous program stay on your PC by clicking the button on the right. In general, the vast majority of users select "Program Files".

3.- Once the folder is selected, click on "Install" to proceed.

4.- When the process is finished, then you will see a window with multiple checkboxes. Leave everything as default, and only activate the one called «Cascading contextual menus» to finish the installation of WinRAR for 32 bits full.

5.- So far we have finished with the installation, but the process to activate it is missing to 100%.

Activate WinRAR 32-bit

As you may have noticed, the previous process was only the download and installation of the software, we are not done yet.

If you don't want to activate the WinRAR, this one will be sending you alerts every so often to let you know that you must pay a fee to continue having the program.

These alerts are not only annoying, but they also disable many elementary functions to be able to get the most out of it.

All this said, now we will proceed to activate the file decompressor WinRAR for 32-bit architecture in Windows using a crack. Follow the steps below:

1.- First, you must to download what it is the crack for 32-bit WinRAR.

Download crack for WinRAR 32 bits

2.- After that, you must unzip the downloaded file, since it will be encrypted; to do so, right click on it, and click on "Extract here ...".

3.- After the above, you will have a small file (which is not very heavy) called "rarreg.key"; this is the file in charge of checking the validation of the same product.

4.- What you should do is copy that file from the crack folder for WinRAR, and go to the installation folder of the software that you chose when you installed the program.

5.- Next, you must paste the small file there. It will ask you if you want to replace it, so you must select "Yes".

In conclusion, we can say that you already have WinRAR activated to 100% Full for your 32-bit Windows. How do you know? You won't get this message:

You have the software activated if this message does not appear.
You have the software activated if this message does not appear.

Download WinRAR Portable Full and Free

Will there be some way to be able to carry this indispensable program inside our USB memories? Of course it can!

Thanks to this great program, we can load this software into the pocket with a USB stick, and here you can not only download WinRAR Full in Portable mode and for free, we will also teach you how to use it.

Only there is a slight difference in the way of decompressing and compressing files, which we are obviously going to show you in this section of this post.

Install it on the USB stick

First, we will teach you how to install it, and then how to use it. Follow these steps to install it on your USB:

1.- Promero, you must download WinRAR portable full and free from the following link.

Download WinRAR Portable Free

2.- Then, create a folder and put those TWO FILES there (essential).

3.- Run the file "WinRAR.exe«. A license window will appear: every time you open WinRAR portable, this license will appear and you will have to press "Yes" to continue.

4.- After accepting the license, the WinRAR portable will open on your PC.

How to use WinRAR Portable

When you have completed the above process, now is the time to learn how to use it to meet your file processing needs.

In order to use it, there are 2 ways, which are actually the same. You can use whatever you like; candles below:

WAY 1: Surf inside the program to find and unzip the files.

Way 1 to use WinRAR Portable: navigate between the program's explorer.
Way 1 to use WinRAR Portable: navigate between the program's explorer.

WAY 2: Use Windows file explorer, copy the address, and unzip the file.

Way 2 to use WinRAR Portable: copy the address, enter, extract or compress ...
Way 2 to use WinRAR Portable: copy the address, enter, extract or compress….

And with this, we conclude our mega article to learn how to download, install and use WinRAR (both normal and portable) for Windows 64 and 32 bits Full.

If you finished with the steps here and the file, you already have your complete WinRAR on your Windows at 100%.

Now enjoy archiving for life. I don't want to leave without first inviting you to see more programs / systems interesting like this, or in the same way, more tutorials or Windows related posts.

Were you able to download WinRAR Full? Remember that we have both 63 and 32-bit free and Full, as well as the portable.

Let us know in the comments on this post!

Until another post!