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How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 Full forever

May 27, 2020
⭐ We will teach you HOW TO ACTIVATE Microsoft Office 2010 full forever, step by step, very EASY with this CRACK / ACTIVATOR for Office 2010. ✅ ENTER!

In this post we will teach you how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 Full forever, step by step, very EASY with this Office 2010 Crack / ACTIVATOR. ENTER!


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This program is successor to suite 2007, which incorporates a lots of functionalities added, such as compatibility of various file formats.

Today we will not talk about those functionalities, since today you will learn how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 Full. But we go step by step ... okay?

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How do I know if I have Office activated?

I'll make you a question:has happened to you that when you open the program it appears this message?

Microsoft Office 2010 not activated.

Yes? Well, that is signal that it is not yet activated. Another way to find out is by going to "File" and then to the "Help" section. You will see something like this:

The software is not activated.
As you can see, we do not have it activated!

Well, now you know that you don't have it activated,let's activate it!

Steps to activate Microsoft Office 2010 Full

To have it completely Full, follow the following steps:

1.- Download the activator, is the crack for Office 2010 that will help us with the complete activation of the product (download link below this post).

2.- Unzip that file that you have left and access within the resulting folder.

Office 2010 full activator.
Open the "Office 2010 Toolkit" program.

3.- There will be 3 files. Run as administrator the one we selected in the previous image, which is the crack that will help us with the activation of Office 2010.

4.- The following window will open:

Trigger: making sure it's the right choice.
Making sure it is the correct option.

This is the program that will have it Full activated. Make sure that in the upper right section you have the 2010 option.

5.- Then, click in "EZ Activator«.

If you get "Cannot use EZ Activator […]", go to the "License Files" menu and click on the "Repair" button, then go back to "Main" and go back to step 5 of this post.

6.- Wait a few seconds. In the end, you have to get a message that says something like "was successfully activated«.

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READY! You have learned how to activate it.

Serials for Microsoft Office 2010

If, on the other hand, you would like to activate it fully Full using a serial or key and save yourself all these steps, go to the download section of this post.

Activate Microsoft Office 2010 using serial or Key.
Activate Microsoft Office 2010 using serial or Key.

As you can see, the pack includes the Office activator along with a text document that has serials to activate it full. Download it!

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Full Activator

This suite has left a lot to talk about, and despite the fact that many years have passed since its launch, it is still used.

If you want to have it complete, you must use a crack, or better known as activator to be able to have it completely Full.

This program will take care of process licenses not official necessary so that you do not get any annoying warning message.

The steps are easy, as you saw above, we describe how use it at 100% Step by Step.

¡Download this great crack for Office 2010 to be able to complete product validation!


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If for something you did not understand the steps of this tutorial, I leave you a explanatory video.

¿You were able to activate Microsoft Office 2010 Full? How did you think of the Office 2010 activator? Leave us in the comments how you did with it!

See you in another article.