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Learn how to hack PUBG Mobile for free

May 24, 2020
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PUBG Official mobile It is one of the phenomena in the gaming world for a few years. This incredible and fun online game with PvP confrontations has managed to win the hearts of a large community. And of course, there are always those people who want to discover how hack PUBG Mobile.

Why would anyone do that? Competitiveness is very great, and in this style of play we will find it everywhere. Here the most loyal players seek to rise in positions, this is achieved with skill in games and resources. Sure, these resources can be earned, but in small amounts.

For this reason, there is never a lack of those who want to find a way to obtain them for free in order to acquire materials, weapons, and access to special content. If this is your case, don't worry! Later we will show you how to crack PUBG Mobile effectively.

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What is PUBG Mobile?

Before we are going to go into the subject a bit and talk about this popular title. It was considered best game of the year 2017, and the most impressive thing about that, is that it rose to fame even before the official PUBG Mobile version came out, which is pretty impressive.

Learn how to hack PUBG Mobile for free
Learn how to hack PUBG Mobile for free

PUBG is a battle royale style gameThis means that by means of a parachute we will descend to an island with another 100 players, with whom it is necessary to have a fight to the death, and the last one standing will be the winner. The great advantage of this is that all players start with equal conditions, that is, without equipment or weapons. Upon landing, the terrain must be scoured in search of equipment to fight.

How do you play PUBG?

The main objective of this game is very simple, and it is to survive. We will have controls that are quite intuitive and whose arrangement will allow us to appreciate everything in our field of vision.

PUBG is a third person shooter like almost any other, the way it differs from other titles in its gameplay. It's like combining survival style with team fight, with the only exception that it will be only us, we will depend solely on our ability to win the games.

Players must scour a vast map in search of weapons, ammunition, armor and accessories that can be useful to survive longer.

Game modes

Over the years and various updates, the developers have been able to expand the game so that players can have more than one option when playing. PUBG Mobile official has several game modes, and these can satisfy all types of players.

Game modes
Game modes
  • Battle Royale: This is the most popular and well-known of the game modes. Thanks to this way the title was catapulted to fame. This is the most competitive mode of all. Here it will be just us against 100 others, on an island in which we must seek resources and fight to survive and reach the top positions.
  • Cooperative: If we are used to always playing with a partner on our side, this mode is for us, a friend is always necessary in case we need to heal, in turn it can help cover our backs and flank the enemies.
  • Squadron: It may be a favorite among those who are more used to playing Call of Duty online. It is very similar to the previous mode with the exception that we will be several players. This is perhaps the most fun and exciting mode so far, as we can interact and talk with our teammates, thanks to the fact that the game allows us to use our microphone.
  • Arcadian: This is one of the most interesting, it came with one of the last big updates. This mode creates a game with 28 players and different variations. Among which we have: All Weapons, Item Heaves, Sniper Rifles, Melee Only, Pistols, Shotguns. Being the last four modes in which only one type of weapon can be used.
  • Training Grounds: It is a mode that was included so that players can practice their skills with different weapons. It is nothing more than a shooting range.
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How to hack PUBG Mobile?

Once we download the game, there are several things that are stored on our PC or mobile. This is where the game data, people, maps, etc. enter. While this data is being processed, there are some values that are stored in memory, therefore, before cracking the video game, it is necessary to make a slight change to them.

Hack PUBG Mobile Free step by step
Hack PUBG Mobile Free step by step

To make the change satisfactorily, the following will be necessary:

  • A virtual environment that is rooted.
  • Memory reader to read the memory address.
  • A script that allows us to change the values.

After that, we will be ready to hack PUBG totally free.

Hack PUBG Mobile Free with Game Guardian

To crack PUBG Mobile with success, these are the steps you should follow:

How to hack PUBG Mobile with Game Guardian
How to hack PUBG Mobile with Game Guardian
  1. Download the install of Game Guardian APK
  2. Open the file and choose "Hack a 32-bit game into a 64-bit virtual space."
  3. Create a copy of GameGuardian with a random name, install it.
  4. to download VitualXposed.
  5. Open the file and press the menu button.
  6. Click on "Add App".
  7. Select the copy of GameGuardian with the random name. Select PUBG to also create a copy of the game in the PUGB mobile emulator, or virtual space if you prefer.
  8. Click on Install.
  9. We click again on VirtuaXposed.
  10. We open GameGuardian in the virtual space. If you ask us for permissions, we must grant them.
  11. Finally we click on «Start».
  12. The next thing to open PUBG in VirtuaXposed, in one corner the floating GameGuardian icon will appear, we press it.
  13. We must click on the first option, the one called PUBG MOBILE.
  14. Click on "Run" to run the script and download it.
  15. When it is downloaded, press «Execute».
  16. Now a menu space should appear, which will show us all the changes that we can make in the game.

If we are one of those who are tempted to hack this game, we already know how to do it with this detailed explanation of how to crack PUBG Mobile with the GameGuardian APK. We have also learned a little more about the video game, and the different modes it has to offer us.

Did you like this hack for PUBG Mobile? It was easy crack PUBG Mobile? We have much more to offer! Don't stop reading our content related to game hacks.

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