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How to Find Pokemons Using Python

27 September, 2018
In this post we will teach you HOW TO FIND Pokemons using Python. Yes, as you saw it: you will be able to find Pokemons around you!

In this post we will teach you how to find Pokemons using Python. Yes, as you saw it: you will be able to find Pokemons around you! ENTERS!



Welcome to another new post.

Pokemon go became a worldwide trend, to the point that cheats and hacks are already coming out to gain an advantage in the game.

All of these tricks have made our lives much easier, but not all of them are true.

Today we bring you one that will help you a good one, since thanks to this Hack, you will learn how to find Pokemons using Python.

Ready? We'll see!

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How to Find Pokemons Using Python

Before starting this tutorial, I want to make a few points clear to you first.

Preparing for the tutorial

It is important to mention that we do not recommend that you try this trick on your original account, since you run the risk of being benefited if many requests are detected.

We suggest you open a new account. The pokemon that appear are very similar in all accounts, we have already verified that.

How to find Pokemons

Follow these next steps below:

1.- You must download and install Python version 2.7.X (click on the link to go to the download).

Keep in mind that you should look for that version since one higher or lower than 2.7 will not work for us.

1.1: When you are installing Python, you need to mark that the same be added to the pathBecause if we don't do this, we may have problems later.


1.2: If you are going to install version 2.7.12, I want to mention that the PIP tool will already be included in this package, you will not have to do another manual action.

If you need it, then you can download it from the following link.

2.- Now you must download the repository and unzip the file. Then go into the folder, and press SHIFT + Click right to open the terminal.


3.- When you are inside the terminal, you must execute these commands:

pip install -r requirements.txt python -a google -u ****** -p ******* -l “xxxxxxxxxxxxx” -st 1

4.- Replaces «***** » for the account you will use from Pokémon Go. Now, replace «****»For the password of that account.

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5.- Afterwards, you must replace «xxxxxxxxxxxxx»By the coordinates of the area where you want to see the Pokemons.

Example: the coordinates of "Angel of Independence" would be the following: 19.427348 -99.167697.



6.- If you executed all this correctly, you should not have any errors, but if you did, follow these steps:

6.1: Go to "Computer> Properties", and look for the option "Advanced system settings".

6.2: Now, click on «Environment variables», and then, go to «System variables».

6.3: Click on "Path", and in the field to add the value, you will have to put the path where Python was installed on your system: C: \ Python27 \.

If you already find it there for something, don't worry, restart your PC to see if that will fix the problem.


To finish this tutorial to find Pokemons using Python, access the local address using a browser.

Put the following in the bar to add a URL:

localhost: 5000

A website will open where you can find Pokemons that are close to where you posted the coordinates, as well as the time they have left before disappearing, etc ...


If you are one of the visual people, I leave you the original video so you can learn how to find Pokemons using Python:

Before finishing this post, I would like to tell you that in this blog you will find more Hacks Games, not just Pokémon. Visit us and hack all your games!

In the same way, we talk many things related to Gaming: tutorials, tips, top best games, and a long etcetera ... We will surely understand each other very well!

Were you able to learn how to find Pokemons using Python? Leave us your comment below this tutorial!

See you in a next post.