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Google, everything you need to know

Discover everything you need to know about the giant ⭐ GOOGLE LLC: what it is, HISTORY ✅, evolution, what are the SERVICES of Google LLC and more. ⭐

Discover everything you need to know about the giant Google. What is it, history, evolution, what are the services of Google LLC and thus know the wonders that this company has brought to us. You want to know more? Join us!

The vast majority of netizens believe that Google LLC it is only the search engine that we all know, but the reality is that it is only one of the great contributions that this company has made to the modern era. Therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about this search engine.

In these times it would be impossible to talk about the wonders that the internet gives us without mentioning that famous company, since countless people use its tools and services on a daily basis, being the reason why it is currently positioned among the most important companies in the world.

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In this article we will teach you its definition, explaining in detail each of the functions that their services can offer. In addition, we will give a historical tour from its beginnings, and how its contributions have greatly benefited the technology industry.       

What is Google LLC?

Google LLC is a North American company focused on digital technologies. It was created in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the latter being the eighth richest person in the world. Its headquarters are in Mountain View, California.

What is Google LLC?
What is Google LLC?

At first they only worked on the development of a search engine, but with the passage of time they developed new technologies that allowed the user to have a better experience in web browsing.

At present, over 70% from internet searches They are made through this search engine, it has more than fifty services and tools on the internet, even several years ago it entered the mobile phone market, developing software and smart phones.

When it was founded?

It all started in mid-1995when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two young men studying systems engineering at Stanford University, had the idea of creating a search engine, whose function was to store files on their servers for an academic project.

Initially they called the BackRub program, and it worked based on Backlink analysis, thus allowing the tracking of data and websites over the internet. Later they wanted to change the name that we all know: Google, as a derivative of the mathematical term "Gúgol."

The company was founded on September 4, 1998, and its official launch to the public was in 1999, along with the opening of its first offices in Menlo Park, California.

What is the history of Google?

Part of the history of Google starts from a room at Stanford University, where two young entrepreneurs full of many ideals have been working on this project for a long time. The objective of both was quite clear «based on a data set acquire as much information as possible«.

History and evolution of the company over the years
History and evolution of the company over the years

And so they began the transit through this long road where they not only improved the project's technology but also formed great collaborative alliances. Name Google was given by the acronym in English of Googol; which represents a 10 raised to 100, whose result was the number of information they wanted available for the digital universe.

With a little investment of money they managed to advance a part of the work. The first big leap the company took was when the co-founder of Sun Microsystem gave them a check for $ 100,000 payable to Google Inc, to help develop what would be the most popular search engine today.

More and more investors were joining, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezzos. The next years, Google LLC continued to work to improve the experience in cyberspace. They placed thousands of servers around the world, to the point of having more than one billion daily searches, having the title of the most visited website.

What is Google LLC for?

This famous company did not want to just stick with the famous search engine. They invested time and money in creating new products that can benefit users. For this reason they were designing new services, and buying other companies to support them in the growth of their projects.

Something characteristic of Google LLC is that they always seek to innovate and improve the development of computer technologies. Thanks to all the contributions it has made to society, it turned the internet into a global source of information.

How does Google work?

When we do a search through this platform, we almost never ask ourselves how does it work?. However, when you click on the magnifying glass icon, countless processes occur in thousandths of seconds to finally give us a list of the best websites that can offer such answers. To understand how this search engine works, we can summarize it in three simple steps:


The first thing this platform does when conducting a search is to find out which websites are visible. Since there is no tangible record of all the existing pages, the motor It searches for them on its own and adds them to a registry.

Search by Tracking
Search by Tracking

An effective way to accomplish this task is to keep track of all visible links on well-known websites. Sometimes this work is facilitated when the owners of certain pages deliver their list of registered links.


The next thing to do is analyze content. This is due to the fact that after this study, it is possible to catalog the page according to the files they show, being registered in the so-called «google index«, Which is nothing more than a gigantic database.

Publication and Positioning

Finally, and having all the information acquired from the websites, the company can interpret the quality of the content and classify it based on various factors, including language use, location, and adaptability on computers and mobile devices.

In this way, the search engine can place the pages in order of quality, that is, they can satisfactorily fulfill the user's query. Those websites related to the searches most demanded by users are those that will generally be positioned among the first pages of search results, this is known as SEO.

What are Google services?

Already knowing the functions of the famous search engine, we can give way to discover what the others are google services:

Google maps

Between the free google services is this great application, which allows us to travel the world through satellite maps that are updated annually. It also has the function of linking with your GPS and generating routes to the places where you want to travel.

Google maps

Google Chrome

Having already mastered the field of internet search engines, the famous company went even further and created its own browser called Google Chrome, who currently leads the top of the most used navigation services in the world, far surpassing others such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera among others.


It is currently the service of email most used in the world. Like the other services of the company, is the guarantor of the best quality in terms of this type of platform, with up to 15 GB of storage in the cloud and the ability to interact with others services.

Google drive

Is a cloud storage service which can also work in collaboration with other platforms Google. Each user has at their disposal 15 GB of memory to save any type of file, in addition to being expandable to 100 GB, 1 TB and 5 TB.


Anyone with a smartphone knows exactly what it is Android, because most mobile devices work with this software. And for those who do not know yet, Android is an operating system developed by an independent company under the Linux language, but it was bought by Google in mid-2005, becoming what we all know today.

Android operating system
Android operating system

Google Play Store

Originally called as Android Marquet. It is the most used catalog of applications for smart devices, where millions of people download countless applications daily. This service also expanded the mobile app and game development business.


It is the most used video playback platform in the world, and it is also in second place as the most used search engine. Like Android, Youtube It was created by independent developers, but after the rapid growth that this page had in such a short time, it was bought by the technology company in 2006.

Google Docs

A platform that allows you to open documents and create them in different formats, such as those used by Microsoft Office. It also gives the possibility to share it with several people.

Google Docs, one of the most used editing services
Google Docs, one of the most used editing services

Google Adsense

It is a service that gives the option of displaying advertisements on a website. This program has become the alternative of many content creators to generate income online, since clicking on these ads has a monetary value.

Google Ads

Another of the company's services is Ads who works in collaboration with Google AdSense. It helps advertisers to increase the traffic of the content they want to promote through campaigns, therefore, it can be defined as a online advertising service.

Google analytics

The function of this platform is to reflect everything related to the traffic that a website has. Being one of the most popular and used services. Through Analytics You will be able to see the number of visits your page has per day, presenting a metric that shows the characteristics of the visitors.

Among the company's services we have Google Analytics
Among the company's services we have Google Analytics

Evolution of Google through the years

The evolution that the Google LLC company has had since its inception has been so great that the best way to tell it would be to summarize it chronologically:

From 1996 to 2007

  • 1996: The evolution of Google began when Larry Page and Sergey Brin began the development of BackRub.
  • 1998: on September 4 the company was inaugurated.
  • 1999: the first version of the search engine is launched on the internet.
  • 2000: taking a big step in its evolution, the Google Adwords service is offered to the public.
  • 2002: the News and Products service is created.
  • 2004: The Gmail email service is offered to the public.
  • 2005: The launch of Google Maps and Google Earth is out. They enable the Analytics service for website owners. In addition to this, they buy from Android for 50 million dollars.
  • 2006: a fundamental point in the evolution of Google; the company acquires the website Youtube for the grand sum of $ 1.65 billion. They enable the use of Google Calendar and Google Finance on their platform.
  • 2007: They create Google Streetview and the first mobile phone with Android operating system is released (they have followed and will continue to publish new versions annually).

From 2008 to 2019

  • 2008: Continuing the evolution in this year of Google LLC, they create the Google Chrome web browser.
  • 2009: the Google Voice application is added.
  • 2010: They offer the public the Nexus One, being their first mobile device with an Android operating system.
  • 2011: They buy the Motorola phone company. They also publish Google+ as the first social network of the company.
  • 2012: As part of the evolution, they created the Google Labs platform, which served to show the progress of the company's new projects. They launch their first Nexus 7 tablet. They also present the design of their virtual reality glasses called Google Glass.
  • 2014: launch the final model of Google Glass on the market.
  • 2015: becomes part of the Alphabet Inc company, making great strides in its evolution.
  • 2016: launch of its new smartphone brand Google Pixel. Later they will release a new version every year.
  • 2018: Following its eighteenth anniversary, the company rebrands its brand and founds a collaborative company for a more sustainable world of renewable energy.
  • 2019: Android makes a redesign in its image with the publication of the tenth version.

When Google LLC was just a search tool, it had already become indispensable for people who wanted to use the internet. Today the company is part of our lives.

We hope that you have learned more about the history, definition, services, evolution of this search engine and recognize why it has become the preferred worldwide.