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Best Google Tricks and Secrets You May Not Know

April 2, 2021
See a list of Google's BEST TRICKS ⭐ for both gaming and entertainment.

In this post we will introduce you the best Google tricks out there both to play and to entertain and have fun.

Welcome to another new post. Google is the most visited website in the world, and by far the favorite search engine of millions of people that every day they come to him to ask curiosities.

Google is more than a search engine, it is a source of entertainment, and boy does the developers manage to hide fun games and tricks in Google searches.

Just as you go to find information, Did you know that Google has some amazing tricks to play and have fun with? We bet that the vast majority are going to love them. Let's see that list!

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List of the best Google tricks and secrets

Some tricks and secrets that we mention may and may not work for you, as some are old, but don't worry, if you want. try them and make them work for the 100%, I recommend that you do the following:

1.- Go to, and in the lower right part of the page, click on «Preferences».

2.- Then, go to «Search Settings».

3.- When you access the section, locate the "Google Instant Predictions" section, and click on the "Do not show Instant results" box.

4.- Save the changes and voila, this will not affect your computer.

Once this is done, we can see all those Google tricks that are waiting for us to see!

An equation that will make you fall in love

Google is also a search engine capable of solving complex mathematical problems instantly and showing you the results.

This time, we will see the 3D graph of an equation that makes a heart shape. Enter the following equation in the search engine and see the magic:

5 + (sqrt (1-x ^ 2 (y-abs (x)) ^ 2)) cos (30 ((1-x ^ 2- (y-abs (x)) ^ 2)))

Google trick: equations in graphs.


Programmers generally consume gallons of hot coffee in order to withstand long hours at work. There is a space on Google to praise that!

In the address bar, put «", you'll be surprised. I will translate what you are going to see into Spanish:


Atari Breakout

Do you like the Atari game? Well, let us tell you that he has incorporated this online video game into his results! It is one of the best Google tricks to play that they have incorporated.

Through Google Images, when you search for the word "Atari Breakout", and with this trick you will be able to play Atari with the images from the search results.

Search Google Images for the word "Atari Breakout" and you will be amazed at the fun you will have:

One of the best Google tricks to play: Google Atari Breakout.

Do a Barrel Roll

One of the tricks that Google has is that by searching for the word "Do a Barrel Roll", the search results will turn a 360º turn on your monitor screen.

Google the word "Do a Barrel Roll" and you will see that Google will make a sudden turn in front of you.


Long ago in a galaxy far far away

Due to the Star Wars fever, Google did not want to be left behind, if before you went and put in the search engine "A long time ago in a very distant galaxy", Google would surprise you with this following effect:

Conway's game of life

If you look for the words "Conway's game of life" and click on "I feel lucky", you will get an animation of John Horton Conway's game of life.

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It is a simulation that shows how a thing as complex as the mind can arise from a basic set of rules, that is, how something so minimal can become something so great.


Google pacman

Another historical reference to video games made by Google was on the 30th anniversary of Pacman, which was celebrated on May 21, 2010.

That is one of the best game tricks that Google brings with it. If you search for "Google Pacman" in the search engine and click on "I feel lucky", you can play Pacman with a Google-style map.

Another of the best tricks to play on Google: Google Pacman.

Zerg rush

Another reference to games by Google is to the Zerg Rush video game.

If you search for the word "Zerg Rush" and click on "I feel lucky", you will be able to play a game that you will have to aim and shoot the assassins who seek to eat the web pages of the Google search results.



Google also has a bit strange tricks, as with Askew, the search results will skew about 20 degrees to the right. It is not a joke!

If you search for the word "askew" normally, which in its translation from English to Spanish means "Crooked", you will see Google a little out of position.

Google Gravity

Gravity came to Google, and with this trick you can make Google elements fall. Try it for yourself!

If you put in the search engine «Google Gravity ", and click on" I feel lucky ", you will see that you will enter a site where all Google elements will fall:

Among the tricks for Google, is Google Gravity.

Google Sphere

This is one of the craziest tricks that Google has, since it will make the elements move out of place depending on where you place your mouse.

If you put it in the search engine «Google Sphere», and you click on «I feel lucky», you will access a web where everything will start to move strangely:

Google Sphare, a trick that makes the elements of the search engine move.

Google Terminal

Are you a fan of hacking and computer security issues? Well let us tell you that Google has incorporated a "terminal" style for search results.

Put on the search engine «Google Terminal», and press the button «I feel lucky», and you will see that you will enter a kind of disk operating system format, or DOS for short:

Google Terminal, one of the most interesting Google computer tricks.

Google Fish Tank

Do you like fish and aquariums? With the help of this trick you will be able to see a fish tank with a gigantic diversity of animals, among which you will be able to see sharks and small fish.

Enter the word "Google Fish Tank" and click on "I feel lucky." in the Google search bar. You will see that you will enter a kind of fish tank:


We hope these Google tricks have fun for you and you have been able to play for a while. Do not forget that in our blog we write more about Google search. Visit us!

See you until a new post, reader.