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The best free Google courses with certification

September 21, 2020
Looking for free Google courses with certification included? ✅ ENTER HERE ⭐, we have an extensive list of the best courses.

It is well known that Google is an excellent platform for taking courses in almost all areas, for this reason today we wanted to bring you a substantial post with a list of the best free courses with Google certification. ENTERS!


In this opportunity we wanted to settle in the courses offered by the Internet giant through its platform Google Activate. All the courses exposed here are totally free, of different durations and the most important thing is that they are online courses with certification.

Free courses with Google certification

Google is characterized by its comprehensive educational offer, you can find free courses from digital marketing to professional development courses. Below we will break them down into three of the most demanded areas. Let's get started!

The only requirement you need to take these courses is to have a Google account and a great desire to learn.

Free Google Digital Marketing courses

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This is one of the Google certified courses that you can do from the comfort of your home. This free course is an introductory course to the basic concepts of Digital Marketing where you can acquire knowledge that will help you boost your business or professional career.

  • It consists of 26 modules.
  • Duration of 40 hours.


Connect with customers through mobile

This is one of the free Google courses that will teach you that with just your mobile device you can reach new customers, while making your company more known.

  • Duration 1 hour.
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Promote a business online

It's one of the free courses with Google certification most demanded. With this course you can learn everything you need to create and run a successful online business. Also, you will learn how to handle electronic commerce correctly.

  • It lasts for 3 hours.


Google Certified Professional Development courses

Get your next job

With this course you will learn to design an efficient resume, to face job interviews successfully and to get your dream position within any company.

  • Duration of 1 hour.


Increase productivity at work

With this course you will learn to work effectively on your work time, you will also improve productivity through collaboration tools.

  • Duration 1 hour.


Introduction to Digital Wellbeing

With this free Google course you will understand the importance of maintaining healthy technology habits.

  • Duration of 1 hour.


Data and Technology Courses

Basic principles of programming

This free online course from Google will teach you the programming languages that exist and the basic knowledge necessary to program efficiently. It is a course for beginners.

Duration of 1 hour.


Improve the online security of your company

With this course you will learn what are the principles of online security and how to apply them in your daily life or business.

  • Duration of 1 hour.


Remember that your professional training is extremely important if you want to be successful in life. We hope you liked the proposals for the free courses with Google certification that we present today and you will carry them out.

Also remember that on the platform Google Activate you will find many more courses to suit you. Visit our google section to find more content!

We do not see in a next opportunity.