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How to create an extension for Google Chrome?

May 24, 2020
You will see a ⭐ Basic and advanced COURSE to CREATE or develop AN EXTENSION ✅ for Chrome ⭐, plus a tremendous additional utility tutorial.

In this post you will see a basic and advanced course for create or develop an extension for Chrome, plus a useful tutorial. ENTERS!


The Google Chrome portal It is currently the most recognized and used browser worldwide. It is characterized by being free, practical, safe and the most outstanding advantage compared to other browsers offers superior speed.

These are sufficient reasons to provide opportunity for Google Chrome to publicize the development of its extensions and their special functionality.

We must start with setting ourselves up, knowing or reviewing basic concepts that deal with everything related to how to create or develop an extension for Google Chrome browser

What are extensions in Google Chrome?

They are applications or programs small size, designed to be installed exclusively in the Google browser, with the aim of contributing new functions and to be able, in this way, to personalize and improve the practice of browsing, making this a pleasant and profitable experience.

These extensions are mainly designed to make life easier for its users; so much so that they are offered on the portal Google Web Store by categories and in turn these are offered sectioned.


How to install extensions in Chrome?

This process is certainly easy and straightforward. If you know the name of the extension, just go to the search engine, place the name of the application and additionally write “chrome extension”, You will probably find it among the first search results.

Otherwise, you do not know the address or name, go directly to Google Chrome StoreYou will find here all the available extensions classified by categories as you have already mentioned before.

The chrome extensions they are mostly free; however others are downloaded with payments. As for example for publication in the Chrome Web Store, the page requires payment for such service.

When you find the applications of your interest in this search, you just have to click in the upper right part of the box that says “add to chrome”, Followed by this, check the navigation bar where you will see the installed extension.

Google Chrome extensions.

How to create an extension for Google Chrome?

The extensions are used to improve the functionality when using Chrome. To create these extensions you must have some fundamental knowledge such as the use of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

At the following address, you will find a crash course to develop Chrome extensions with quite complete content.

Thanks to this course, you will learn not only to create extensions for the Google Chrome browser, but you will also be able to see the process of publishing them.

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ACCESS the Advanced Course

If you want an introductory course, we leave you this following link:


We will let you know the structure on the basic course, so that you are aware of the sequence that should be applied to develop extensions for Chrome.


  • Basic information (extension).
  • Pop-up.
  • Get data from a page.
  • Background.
  • Options.
  • Publish on the web. 

How to create a Chrome extension.

Types of extensions

Before you can develop any, you must know what types of extensions are in Google Chrome. We will mention three.

  • Extensions. These are the Chrome version Firefox plugins. The easiest way to accommodate the creation of these extensions is to include a button in the Chrome bar, which will reveal an action or display a small window when clicked. The extensions contribute a JavaScript API, convenient to use and beneficially documented. Apart from its multiple functionalities.
  • Hosted Applications. These have been the web pages or applications. With them we can previously request permissions of interaction directly with the browser, in order that even being on our server it can have the same API as the same extensions.
  • Packaged Apps. These prevent requesting a specific web to load the application, for this reason they wait for the HTML and JavaScript to be completely defined by the application.

Tutorial to create an extension in Chrome browser

Below you can visit some tutorials that will be of great help when creating extensions for Google Chrome.

These can be viewed through YouTube, we leave your data so that you can search for it and learn more about the creation of these extensions.

At first tutorial It describes in detail how to create the Chrome extension, just by knowing JavaScript.

In this second tutorial present the sequence for creating extensions for Chrome. The user is considered to have minimal discernment in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


This is all for the moment, we are sure that you will put into practice all the knowledge acquired. You may be interested in the following material:

Your opinion is important to us, tell us in the comments if you found the course to create extensions in Google Chrome interesting?

It will be until next time.