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What was Google Allo and why did it close?

May 11, 2020
Did you use Google Allo a lot? ⭐ Do you wonder why it no longer exists? ENTER HERE ⭐ to find out what Google Allo was and why it closed. ✅

Do you know what Google Allo was and why it closed? In this post, you will see what this Google tool was that was short-lived in the market. ENTERS!


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At some point you probably got to listen to or even make use of the application of Google Allo, this of course, before it disappeared from the cyber market.

It was not until September 2016 when he was born Google Allo. A launch that predicted a revolution among instant messaging platforms. But unfortunately that future did not paint a good color, and its outcome quickly took a nosedive.

If you are one of those who did not have the opportunity to experience its operation, or you are completely unaware of what this extinct application is about, it is time for you to know what was Google Allo and why it closed.

What was Google Allo?

Google Allo It was a application created to serve as a means of communication, and specifically we would be talking about instant messaging; This app was available for both Android and iOS.

Basically the communication was based between mobile devices, as well as its web version.

This innovative app at its launch lmanaged to attract the attention of a large number of users, but its boom did not pass to greater, in a short time it lost the audience that accompanied it in its beginning, and it took only a few months for this creation to be hung with a tiny number of interested parties.


Let's review the contributions offered for its beginnings the now missing Google Allo application; We can mention that it made use of a technology that allowed it to offer a suggested, equivalent and fast response, both for written messages and for those that included images.

This suggested response plan provided natural and fluent language, that is, interactive, automatic and intelligent responses. This action was launched thanks to the Google assistant.

Let's continue taking a look at some of the qualities it offered Google Allo by then:

Incognito mode

This action offered an encrypted mode, or in other words E2E encryptionThis provides users with security and privacy, providing a guarantee of protection to conversations.

Integration of services

As expected Google Allo had connection with various Google built-in programs. This also happened with the search option from the main browser.

Conversation sweep

It allowed to configure the system for conversation self-deletion in periods of time, for example in seconds, minutes, hours or days.

Letter size

It allowed to modify the size of the letters, that is, to increase or decrease the words in order to emphasize or highlight phrases.

Audio and text exchange

Communication was developed through instant messaging, developing with the exchange and interaction of audio or written messages.

Interaction in games

It offered a game called “Emoji Game”, Whose purpose was to guess the title of a film with emojis.

In addition, it demonstrated efficient interaction with Search, Maps, YouTube, among other platforms. These are a few functions among many others that characterized this app.

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Now let's talk a little about the reasons that caused the Google Allo shutdown. 

Why did I close Google Allo?

Despite the company's efforts to keep this application afloat and in force, it was the March 12, 2019 where it succumbed, leaving aside the possibility of continuing in circulation. But now let's take into consideration the reasons for close Google Allo

Shortly after its cyberspace debut, upgraded and reloaded versions were released; with the sole objective of convincing, maintaining and increasing an audience that is somewhat difficult to persuade.

why did I close Google Allo

When noticing the little success that the presentation of this service had from the beginning of its launch, the company was forced to reinvent itself quickly with versions like 2.0, 3.0, 10.0.

All these with different functions, among the most outstanding: compatibility with Android Wear, split screen, GITs search engine; arrival of smart emojis that managed to relate to the written text, possibility of changing the thematic appearance. 

It was for its latest version that the action of the backup, group chats, creation of stickers through selfie, video calls and more.

Now it is necessary that we pause and analyze why the premature shutdown of Google Allo.

Google Allo shutdown premature

The number 1 reason shared by experts and critics of the medium is that Google Allo arrived enough late to the exhibition of novelties.

This because your potential competition that would be WhatsApp and iMessage The undisputed kings of the instant messaging exchange, like other applications, they already had a fairly busy route.

These messaging service providers had already begun to offer this communication channel a couple of years ago, thus building a strong and interruptible connection with their users.

It is difficult to think that after marrying for a long time with a service that satisfies your demands as a client and that also from time to time continues to bring you innovation and renewal with its improvements; make the uncertain decision to part with what you have insurance to experience something new and unknown.

Another reason why Google Allo shutdown, is the lack of integration between Google products. We refer specifically to the division of Google Allo Y Google Duo. Two applications that were born hand in hand and that operate separately.

Both applications have in their entirety the same functionality as Google Hangouts.  Then comes the million dollar question:

  • Why use two different applications for the same purpose; What is none other than to communicate to the largest possible population worldwide?

In addition to this we must consider the eminent resignation of the creative team who gave up the project, as well as the Product Manager, who had 10 years in the company and decided to abandon the fight to go to another recognized organization.

Roughly these were some consequences of the Google Allo shutdown, an application that remains to remember.

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