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How to update Google Chrome to the latest version for free

May 26, 2020
You will learn to update the Google CHROME navegador browser both on PC, Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad to its ⭐ LATEST VERSION ⭐ for FREE and QUICKLY.

In this post you will learn how you can update the Google Chrome browser on PC, Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad to its latest version for free and QUICKLY. ENTERS!


As you probably know, Chrome is the program that Google has created and is currently being used in countless numbers to explore through data.

It was launched in 2008 and, to date, it is the largest web search engine, with the highest level of traffic in the world, with a 62.5%.

This program is a standout among the most used today and has different points of interest over others, as it allows you to interact with different tools, modules and google apps and different organizations, legitimately when you are doing some kind of search.

For example, you can jump from a search to Google Maps or Google Drive.

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How to update Google to the latest version for free

Learn how to update Chrome for Windows, Android or iOS for FREE.
Learn how to update Chrome for Windows, Android or iOS for FREE.

Google Chrome has some highlights from the beginning of its creation, among which is the ability to interconnect all content on the web with its many gadgets in a synchronized way.

You can also customize the structure that your Internet browser needs to have and exchange that plan with all your cell phones.

It also features autocomplete work of the structure with information from your own profile and has the ability to perform searches based on your history and the proposals that Google legitimately makes for your profile, to appreciate a considerably more personalized experience.

Google Chrome it is automatically updated when it recognizes that there are new accessible forms.

The client possibly understands this when, in some cases, particularly when the program changes its appearance. In this way, the program is said to update "silently", with no movements made by the client.

How to notice a pending update

How to notice a pending Chrome update?

Regardless, in case you have questions about whether your gadget is updated to the latest form, you can follow these steps to find out:

1.- You must position yourself in your program and look for the 3 point symbol at the top right of the board.

2.- At that moment, go to «Setting»And another screen will open.

3.- In the part upper left, click on «Setting».

4.- At the bottom of the drop-down menu, you must search for «Google Chrome data«.

5.- When you select it, another tab will open where you will be shown the adaptation number and if there is another one I can upgrade to.

6.- You can also take a look at the top right. In the possibility that your program is obsolete, an image appears with an image with a green screw.

By touching this symbol, the program will be closed and revived by stacking the latest variant.

In the long shot you need, you can legitimately download the Chrome program.

Download Google Chrome

Obviously, in each gadget this update is different, so we will describe how update Google Chrome to the latest version for both Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad free way.

Update Google Chrome to the latest version in Window

Update Chrome browser on Windows for free.
Update Chrome browser on Windows for free.

You must follow the steps that are accompanied to update the Google Chrome browser on Windows to the latest version and have it free:

1.- To begin, open the your program window.

2.- In the part Upper right, You should see three vertical points that demonstrate the "MORE" option.

3.- In the event that your program is not modern, you will see a grouping of tones:

Red: shows that you have an update pending for more than 7 days.

Orange: shows that you have a pending update for 4 days.

Green: shows that you have a pending update for about 2 days.

4.- By touching the option «In addition to» a menu is displayed where the alternative «Update Google Chrome»; press it to update for free.

In case you do not discover that this option is that your program is up to date.

5.- Restart Google Chrome by pressing the button «Restart»Or closing the window and opening it again.

To be able to proceed to update it you must:

1.- First, look for the «Google Chrome» program and open it.

2.- Next, you must go to the upper right and click on «PLUS».

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3.- Consult and select the option «Update Google Chrome». Given the possibility that this alternative is not shown, it implies that from now on you will have the latest update of the program.

4.- You must restart the application; or what is equivalent, close from the cutting edge X and double-tap its symbol to open it once more.

Can it be updated in Windows XP?

Since 2016, you will never be able to push updates to the Windows XP framework again.

That is, it is not possible to update this browser from Google Chrome in Windows XP because not maintained for security reasons, so no updates are ever made to the Google Chrome program again.

Something very similar would happen on the off chance that you try to do it from Windows Vista and from Macintosh OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8.

As a suggestion, keep in mind that, if you are using these versions of the system, you must upgrade, otherwise you will be avoiding major maintenance improvements.

How to update Google Chrome on Android

Learn how to update Google Chrome on Android.

If you have an Android device (laptop or tablet), you will see that it is usually updated without notice each time.

In any case, you can always verify that your Google Chrome be the latest version. To do this, you must look for the means that I show below:

  • You should look for the area where the Google Play Store app; this is the place from where you can download the new applications or apps that you have already installed.
  • Once chosen, you must go to «My apps and games». Go to the "Updates" area.
  • In this area, each of the apps that should be updated. In case you have a pending Chrome upgrade, it will appear in this summary.
  • On the off chance you find an update, update it. It will begin to download the entire application and automatically after the download the most recent version will be installed.
  • Another alternative is to look directly through the Chrome program in Play Store. You will see that it does not have the alternative of establishment since from now on you have it. You will discover the alternative to uninstall in a button. In the button on the right, in case you need an update, you will see the word «To update». In the event that this is not the situation, basically the alternative to open the program will appear.

How to update Google Chrome for free on iPhone and iPad

Update Google Chrome from Apple devices.
Update Google Chrome from Apple devices.

The Google Chrome application for these devices is not standard, since it uses the Safari program, although it tends to enter without problems, searching for it in the apple app store symbol.

In the event that you have this application, you should not emphasize updating it, since does it automatically.

Download Google Chrome iOS app

  • Enter the territory where you found the App Store symbol. This is a light blue app, with a white letter A inside.
  • Download for Apple
  • At that point, click at the bottom of the page, where it says «Pending updates«.
  • You will discover an amplifier as an Internet search engine, where you can discover the application «Google Chrome».
  • In case it appears, you can touch it to access or update. In case you see that the application has a blue mark next to the name, this implies that it has been recently updated.

If you want to do it, you will be reliably prompted for your ID Apple and your password.

In the remote possibility that the version of your gadgets is progressively current and you have the option to enter printing, that will be enough to start the update.

I hope this post has been very helpful.

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Could you update Google Chrome browser on Windows, Android, iPhone or iPad to its latest version? Remember that it is a free procedure.

Let us know how it went! See you in another new post.