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Do you know what the history of Apple and all its products is?

Does the Apple Inc company sound familiar? ⭐ We invite you to discover everything you need to know about Apple: HISTORY ✅, evolution, PRODUCTS and more. ⭐

Have you ever heard of Apple products? If you are not yet familiar with the Manzanita company, we invite you to discover everything you need to know about Apple, from its history, evolution and products to its most current news.

In the technological age there are devices called iPods, years later a phone revolutionized the mobile industry called iPhone and later the birth of an ultra powerful device with the size of a notebook known as iPad. Do you know them? Well, there is a person responsible for its creation and his name is Apple.

Therefore, when we talk about technology, innovation and quality, we must emphasize the Apple company. One of the largest, most powerful and most valuable brands in the world, which has furthered its legacy in the technology industry with a totally revolutionary vision.

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What is Apple?

As previously discussed, Apple is an American multinational company dedicated to design, production and marketing of electronic equipment -mobiles, multimedia devices, computers, music players, electronic accessories and software.

Apple: Everything you need to know
Apple: Everything you need to know

Recognized as one of the most powerful giants on the market, and which also tops the list of most valuable companies in the world according to Forbes, being the first company that exceeds the value of $ 200 billion.

History and evolution of Apple

To know the history of Apple and its evolution, you have to travel back in time to April 1, 1976, to a small garage located in the growth house of citizen Steve Jobs, which was located in Los Altos, California.

The beginning

There, Jobs together with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded the Manzanita brand and everything we know today. However, Wayne decided to withdraw from the project a couple of weeks later by selling his shares to his peers for approximately $ 800.

In this way, the company's first computer was born: Apple I. Made by hand by Wozniak, it consisted of a motherboard with CPU, RAM and some very basic chips and had a starting value of $ 666.66.

In 1984, the first Apple diamond arrives, the Macintosh computer. Presented at the top by Steve Jobs, it became the direct rival of IBM, and its main value was that it did not need to be programmed to use it.

Apple history and evolution
Apple history and evolution

A year later, relations between the CEO of the brand John Sculley and Jobs broke down, forcing Steve to resign, when Sculley and the board of directors tried to stop Jobs from launching unsuccessful products. Yes, although the Macintosh was the most innovativeIt was not a best seller.

That same year of 1995, Wozniak would leave Apple too. Jobs would form NeXT independently. However, the Cupertina company would launch the PowerBook, the Penlite (first idea of a tablet) and the Newton PDA, but all turned out to be a failure.

In 1996, Gil Amelio, Apple CEO at the time, would buy NeXT and Jobs returned to Apple's board of directors, where months later, Amelio left office and it was Steve who took it back.

After years of work, the result was that in May 2001, Jobs led the inauguration of the first Apple Store for later introduce the first iPod, one of the greatest innovations in the history of technology.

Actuality and growth times

In 2007, in a telephony market reigned by BlackBerry and Nokia, Apple imposed what Steve Jobs defined as "a 3-in-1 device: (iPod, phone and mobile Internet device), all on a touch screen." This is how the iPhone was born.

Along with the iPhone they would arrive other computers like MacBook in different presentations and versions such as: Air and Pro. In 2010, the company again broke the rules with the arrival of the iPad and its portable revolution.

For the year 2011, Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, took over from Jobs who, after several periods of absence due to illness, left his position. That same year, on October 4, Apple presented the iPhone 4S, however, only one day later, on October 5, 2011, the death of Steve Jobs was announced.

Since then, the company has continued its path of evolution and technology, presenting in 2015 the Apple watch and the system music streaming Apple Music.

Already for the year 2019Apple Arcade and Apple TV + were presented as cloud content services by Manzanita. The rest of the story is still being written ... We are sure they will continue for more.

Brand Features

Some of its most outstanding characteristics are:

  • It has more than 80 thousand employees in the world and is the most valuable company on the planet with a price that exceeds 200,000 MDD.
  • The company's aesthetic is focused on the minimalism and simplicity. Characteristics of Jobs, along with perfectionism.
  • Investment in research and innovation goes beyond that of any other company in the sector.
  • Apple is more of a Lifestyle than a brand.

Let's get to know the Apple ecosystem

If there is something that works perfectly well, it is the ecosystem of apple products. The integration, practicality and fluidity that exists when combining all the equipment through a simple account called Apple ID, is magical.

Through the history and evolution of Apple a great ecosystem was created
Through the history and evolution of Apple a great ecosystem was created

Focused on productivity, better communication, basic, necessary and functional configurations that allow connection with all devices immediately. Without having to do anything, just by turning them on they complement each other and makes the Apple ecosystem perfect. Amazing, right?

Apple Products

It currently has a large catalog of products, made up of various categories that are focused on each audience. We can find laptops or laptops within the Macbook line or for desktop PCs such as the Mac Pro and iMac.

Cupertina company equipment
Cupertina company equipment

In the portability section, they have their flagship product, the iPhone. Additionally, they can find iPod and iPad. Within this same category, it is impossible not to mention the smartwatch called Apple Watch.

However, the company with the bitten apple not only stays physically, it also has its own streaming systems such as Apple Music, Apple Tv + and Apple Arcade. The last two being the most recent additions to the family.

Smartwatches are some of the equipment of the company with the bitten apple
Smartwatches are some of the equipment of the company with the bitten apple

And if that were not enough, Apple has incorporated other sub-brands such as the well-known brand of specialized headphones Beats, to mention one of them. Last but not least, it has its iTunes music store and its iOS and MacOS application features, the App Store, as well as its iCloud cloud storage service.

Latest news and updates

It is said that there are many Apple-branded products in development, from smart glasses to self-driving cars. However, many of these appear to be utopian within real space-time.

What does aim to be a novelty in the company's products is the definitive inclusion of the 5G connectivity on the next generation of iPhone and iPad.

In the same way, they will seek to strengthen their streaming services to compete strongly with the rivals in each sector and lead, why not, in other markets as they already do today.

We hope you liked this summary of the best of the bitten apple company and if you want to know more we invite you to follow all the updated information, guides and tutorials of the brand.