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How to reboot / reset iPhone X and XS to factory settings

March 15, 2021
Learn how to RESET or reboot your iPhone X or X Plus cell phone to the FACTORY version step by step.

In this post you will learn how to restart or reset your iPhone X or XS cell phone to factory settings, step by step and easily.

The iPhone X has broken all sales records for the Apple company, and since the launch of this cell phone in November 2017, Apple reported selling more than 41 million cell phones barely 6 months after its launch, which is not bad at all.

Although this cell phone solved the bug of screen locks and unexpected lock loops in iOS 11.1.2, it also has its small inconveniences of use that may force us to want to reset the iPhone X from the factory.

If you are about to sell your cell phone or simply want to completely clean everything, you are in the right place, let's see how to reset the iPhone X step by step!

Ways to restart the cell phone

There are different ways to restart your cell phone, and each of them has its reasons to be done. For example, if you cannot unlock your phone or it does not respond, you must perform a Hard Reset.

First, we will explain the types of iPhone reset before moving on to the reset methods:

  • Normal Reset: rebooting the cell phone in a normal way; it is used when the cell phone responds properly.
  • Hard Reset: It is used when the iPhone X must be forcibly reset. This is used when you do not remember your lock password, the cell phone does not respond or there is an error that prevents you from restarting the cell phone in the normal way.

Depending on the type of situation in which you find yourself, we will proceed to carry out that type of restart of the cell phone.

Now let's look at the different methods to reset your iPhone X cell phone to the factory version:

  1. Restart from iTunes: This can be used both in a normal reset and in a hard reset.
  2. Restart from iPhone: it is only used through a normal reset.

Restart iPhone X from iTunes

iTunes is a multipurpose program, a multimedia player and device management of the Apple brand that you have.

Thanks to this program, we can not only buy multimedia content and manage it on our device, but we can also restart our devices with its help.

Before proceeding with the reset steps, you must have iTunes installed on your computer. You can download iTunes from this link.

Follow these steps to restart or reset your iPhone X or XS to the factory version with hard reset by iTunes:

1.- First, we must turn off our iPhone device. To do this, press the power button and the volume up button at the same time, and slide the "Turn off iPhone" option.

2.- Afterwards, you must open iTunes on your computer.

3.- After opening the program, we must press the power button and the volume down button at the same time on the iPhone, and, without releasing it, connect the cell phone to the computer so that iTunes can detect it.

DO NOT RELEASE the two buttons of the iPhone, until the following message appears:

Confirmation message to restart iPhone X.

4.- When you get that message, now you can release the buttons. Now, you will see that a message like «There is a problem with the iPhone […]«. You will have 2 options: update the iOS or restart it. Click on the option that will allow you to reset the iPhone X or X Plus.

5.- Then, confirm you want to restart the device.

6.- After confirming, it will start to restart your iPhone X cell phone to the factory version. This may take a few minutes.

7.- When finished, you can reconfigure your cell phone as when you just bought it. That's all!

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Reset iPhone X from the device

In the event that your iPhone cell phone works correctly, you do not need to perform a hard reset, since you can erase all the content without the need for your computer.

This procedure must be done with a good amount of charge on the cell phone, as it may require power from the phone to return everything to its factory settings.

If you want to perform a correct reset of the device including erase your PERSONAL INFORMATION, we will do 3 easy steps:

  1. Delete the cell phone from the location of your account: Delete your iPhone from "Find My iPhone" to prevent it from accessing your location history.
  2. Back up iPhone X: make a recent copy of all your data before selling your cell phone or giving it away.
  3. Reboot or reset iPhone X to factory version: finally, once making sure that we remove our location and make a backup copy, we can proceed to erase all the information from the device.

Next, follow these steps to be able to restart or reset your iPhone X to factory settings:

Delete the cell phone from the location of your account

1 First, access settings from your cell phone.

2.- Then, at the top, your iCloud account. You must click on that option.

3.- By doing the above, you will enter a new section. You will have 4 options:

Click on "Search".

4.- Upon entering, click on the «Search» option, and then you should make sure that the "Find My iPhone" option is deactivated, as you can see here:

Before restarting iPhone X, make sure you have "Find My iPhone" turned off.

Back up iPhone X

Before deleting all the information on your cell phone, we suggest you first make a backup copy of the entire device to ensure that you do not lose something that in the future you could remember was important.

Of course, if you are sure that you do not need to perform this procedure, then we recommend you go directly a little further down to see the steps to follow to factory reset the iPhone X.

Follow these steps to make a backup of your cell phone:

1.- First, access settings, and click on the iCloud tab, as you can see here:

Access the "iCloud" option.

2.- After that, scroll a little further down, and press the option «ICloud copy«. We leave you this screenshot to guide you:

Before resetting the iPhone, it is important to make a copy. Go to "Copy to iCloud".

3.- Once inside, click on the option «Back up now«. This procedure could take some time, depending on the amount of information you have on your cell phone.

Once the backup is done, we can proceed to restart the iPhone X cell phone to the factory settings.

Steps to restart the iPhone X from the cell phone

When you are sure that you can restart your cell phone, now we can take the final steps to erase all the information from the cell phone.

Follow these steps to be able to reset the cell phone:

1.- First, access the phone settings.

2.- After entering there, Access within the "General" section.

3.- After that, scroll down, and Access within "Reset"; We leave you an image to guide you:

Access within the "Reset" option.

4.- Once entered the section, click on the "Delete content and settings" section. The device will ask you 2 times if you are sure to carry out this action, both times, click on "Erase iPhone".

5.- The rebooting process of the iPhone X will begin. When it is finished, you will see the typical configuration screen when the cell phone is first acquired. Clever!

We hope we have helped you in this process. Do not forget that in our blog we write more about Apple iPhones. Visit us!

See you until a new post, reader.