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I forgot my Apple ID: How to recover iCloud password?

March 29, 2021
Forgot your iCloud password and don't know what to do? Learn how to recover and reset your Apple ID / iCloud password.

I forgot my Apple ID: Lost it? In this post you will learn how you can recover and reset your iCloud password in case you have forgotten access to your Apple ID.

Apple is a technology company with products such as iPads, iPhones and Macs, which share something in common: the Apple ID account.

Thanks to an Apple ID account, we can have access to all the company's digital productssuch as: buy something from iTunes, Sign in to iCloud, buy an application, and much more.

It usually happens that for not using our Apple ID much or for some other reason, we have forgotten the password to access the account, and we must get it back.

Join us in this step-by-step guide on what to do in case you have forgotten the password for your Apple ID or iCloud account.

Prerequisites to recover iCloud password

It is important to note that there are some prerequisites that you must meet or know before you can reset the iCloud account password:

  • You must know the emailor that you signed up for your Apple ID account.
  • Identify that account recovery process you set: two-factor authentication, with or without a security question, or two-step verification.

Once you identify the two previous points, we can proceed to recover and reset the iCloud password of the Apple ID.

Steps to reset iCloud account

First, we must identify the type of reset that we configure in the account, or that we want to use, as we saw in the requirements above.

Once you identify the recovery method type, go to the section here corresponding to the method.

Get it back with two-factor authentication

If you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for your Apple ID account, you can reset your iCloud password from any other trusted Apple device.

Follow these steps to reset it using two-factor authentication:

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1.- First, access settings, and click on your name at the top of the screen.

2.- Then, access the «Password and security» menu.

3.- Then, access the menu «Change password».

4.- Once the above is done, it will ask you for your cell phone lock code (if you have it), enter it.

5.- Two sections will appear: New and Verify. You will need to set a 4-8 digit password. Clever!

Reset iCloud account with security questions

If you set up your iCloud to be able to reset your Apple ID password using the security questions, and you remember the answers, we can proceed.

Follow these steps to be able to recover the iCloud password:

1.- First, from any device, access the browser and access the official portal of

Click on that button.
Click on that button.

2.- Once inside, put your iCloud email, and then Click on "Have you forgotten your Apple ID or password?".

3.- Once you press it, you should enter your iCloud email and click on «Continue».

4.- After the above, select in «my password» or «my password» and click on «Continue».

So you can recover your iCloud password.
So you can recover your iCloud password.

5.- Afterwards, you will have 2 options: receive the password via email, or answer security questions. Select the second option which are the questions.

6.- Once you answer the form, you can reset the password for the Apple ID of the iCloud account.

Recover iCloud password by two-step verification

As a last option you have the two-step verification, which consists of sending a verification code via SMS to the phone configured for your iCloud account (this depends on your initial configuration).

Follow these steps below to be able to reset your iCloud password by two-step verification:

1.- Go to this portal to be able to carry out the process.

2.- Once inside, it can ask for your phone number to be able to send you the password change verification.

Two-step verification using the phone number.
Two-step verification using the phone number.

3.- If it does not ask for your number, you will have to use your email or answer the security questions as a recovery method.

We hope we have helped you recover and reset your Apple ID password for your iCloud account. Do not forget that in this blog we write more than the Apple company and all its products. Visit us!

See you until a new post.