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How to recover deleted photos on Android

24 May, 2020
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You may have accidentally deleted some photos from your phone or simply deleted them because you thought you wouldn't use them, but you didn't and now you want them back. For this reason, today we wanted to bring you this substantial post about How to recover deleted photos on AndroidENTER!


There are accidents that happen in the blink of an eye, and one of these is that with a simple touch on the screen when selecting a photo album, they are all unintentionally deleted and suddenly they are no longer there. However, and for luck of many, there are various methods that allow us to recovering deleted photos or videos on AndroidMost of the applications are specifically designed for this purpose. 

However, before we discuss these applications in depth and explain how they work, it is important that you know that there are other options that can be applied before going to these applications.

Although, before I tell you about these options it's important that you remember how long it's been since you deleted the photos you want to recover, since depending on this, you will have more or less chances of recovering them by this means, even with the use of external applications.

Methods for recovering deleted photos on Android

Synchronization with Google Photos

Now, having an Android, you usually have an associated Google account and automatically the photos are related to the application Google Photosas long as it's synchronized first. So, this would be your first option to discard to be able to recover your deleted photos, since it would have a backup of the photos.

The whole process should be very easy, just open it and tap on the horizontal stripes icon at the top left of the screen. A list of options will be displayed, including the Trash and, when you enter there will be the deleted photos. The only detail is that, the photos will remain there only 60 days, hence the importance of the date they were deleted.

To get them back, you must select the ones you are interested in, press Restore and that's itIf you do not have access to the list, you will be returned to it.

Another option is that if you have Dropbox account  or some other virtual storage system, your photos are sure to be safe and sound there.

However, if you do not have a Google account or account on another data storage system, then the recovery task must be done differently. Let's see.

Applications that help recover deleted photos on Android

In the market there are several specialized photo recovery applications. However, these are oriented according to where the photos were stored, if on a memory card and others if the photos were stored in the device memory. Let's look at it as the case may be.

If the photos were stored on the memory card

Within this range of applications there are some that are used from a computer and others that are installed directly on the phone and used from there.

Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery

Application available for both PC and Mac and, allows recover media files from an Android device or directly from a MicroSD card. Just install it and connect the device to your computer. Then, choose the type of file you want to recover. You can view all the images and select the ones you want and that's it.


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This is a free application that allows you to recover deleted photos on your Android, detecting all files on the memory card. It applies two search methods: a light one and a deep one. Always use the second one to find everything, although with this method the search may take a while.

All that's left is for you to select the photos you want to recover and press Recover.


If the photos were stored in the Smartphone's memory

Under this range there are a lot of applications that allow us to recover deleted photos on Android. However, before running any of the applications we're going to introduce you to, it's a good idea to disable the Wi-Fi connection, the Smartphone data connection, file synchronization and backups.

In addition, it is important to know that a photo or any data that has been deleted is not dropped altogether of the storage unit until the moment it is written back to that same place. And this happens just when you have you activate all the options mentioned.

However, to carry out this task it is convenient to have an application that allows you to search through the phone's folders as if you were in a computer. Let's see.

Disk Digger

Disk Digger, recover photos on Android

It's a free application that performs an exhaustive search all over the phone. Once the result is reflected, mix the deleted photos with the ones you don't, so your job is to take a good look and locate the ones that interest you. The application lets you sort them by size or file type. It is important to know that the photo you want to recover will not be the original size, but a lower quality copy.




This application works as a virtual recycling bin. All files you have deleted will be placed there, before they are completely deleted from your phone. However, for this to happen, the application must be installed before the photos are deleted.


DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery software

It is an application that allows Easy to use Android photo recovery. It stands out from the others because of its elegant design and also because it retrieves the images stored both in the phone and in the SD memory.



Undeleter program

It's an application that finds deleted files that are still are in the phone's cache memory. The main feature of this program is that it performs a deeper search if you have root permissions.


Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery, recovering deleted photos on Android

It stands out for making a exhaustive search in the depths of your mobile device. Also, it has the particularity of recovering the photos deleted from the e-mail.


With the previous recommendation we end this post about How to recover deleted photos on Android. We hope that with so many options you will be able to recover your images and other files.

Without further ado, we say goodbye until the next delivery. Although if you like, you can keep an eye on these interesting posts:

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