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How to transfer files to Android with Mac

15 September, 2018
Do you connect your Android to your Mac and it does not detect the files from it? You will learn HOW TO PASS files to an Android with Mac, step by step and VERY well explained.

In this post I will teach you how to transfer files to an Android with Mac. Has it happened to you that you connect your USB cable to the Mac and to the phone and does not detect it Y do you want to transfer files to this one? That ended. ENTERS!


Note: here is a tutorial for Mac. For Windows, just connect to the computer and go.


You want to install an APK, pass music, videos, images, but the cell phone does not recognize the device.

That is over, because Android itself has released an application that can be installed on their Macs, which will allow the management of content on their cell phones.

How to transfer files to an Android with Mac (program download)

The application is called «Android File Transfer«, Which can be downloaded by following this link:


Once they are on the page, they will see a centered green icon that says «Download Now«, They click there and wait for the file .dmg, with an approximate weight of 40 MB is downloaded.

Once downloaded, look for the file in your "Downloads" or "Downloads" folder, and double-click it and wait for it to open.

Once opened, drag the application to the folder called «Applications»Located on your Mac. This process will take a few seconds (normally).

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Final step: transfer files to Android with Mac

To be able to transfer files to an Android with Mac, do the following steps:

1.- Open the Android File Transfer application.

2.- Connect your Android using a USB cable to the Mac.

4.- If the phone is locked with a password, Android File Transfer will tell you that it cannot access the device. You will have to disconnect it from the Mac, unlock it, and reconnect it.

5.- When that happens, the program will load the root folder of your phone. Identify the folder where you want to put files. Go into that folder.

6.- Now, to transfer files simply drag them and they will be uploaded to the phone.


Before concluding, I would like to invite you to see more interesting tutorials, or in the same way, we talk a LOT about Android.

Were you able to transfer files to an Android with a Mac? We want to know! Leave your opinion in the comments.