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How to make free calls anywhere without having a balance

July 21, 2021
Looking to call without having a balance? 😱 See how to make free cell phone calls via internet online effectively. ✅

Are you looking call a cell phone without having a balance? In this post you will learn how you can make calls to any cell phone and anywhere on the internet for free.

Normally, in order to make a phone call we must be subscribed to a paid plan of one telephone service company, since it is a paid service.

However, with the advent of the internet and its vast information, multiple tips and tricks have been spread technological to give your pocket a break, and now we will share one that we are sure will help you.

There is an app that through the internet will work as a sender and receiver of telephone calls, and today we will teach you how to download and use it, it is free!

Steps to make a free internet call

There are different methods to make a phone call to another cell phone through the internet, but today we will teach you how to use an app that will do it for you.

This app is called TextNow, and as you know, it is completely free, since it will not charge you a single peso for its use.

So, in order to download and use this app to make a free online call, sfollow these steps:

1.- The first thing is download the app, and you can do it from the next button below.

TextNow - Texts and Calls
TextNow - Texts and Calls
Developer: TextNow, Inc.
Price: To be announced

TextNow is an application that not only will allow you to make free calls over the internet without having a balance, but you can also send free SMS.

2.- Once you have it downloaded and installed, open the application. Then give click on the button «Sign up», and once you have done it, the following interface will appear:

Sign up for TextNow using your social networks.

You must register in the application using one of your social media accounts. This is done in a single click.

3.- When you have registered in TextNow, click click the button that says "Set Up" and then, click on «Use my location». This last button is to get a new phone number so you can make and receive free calls with this app.

It is not possible to configure the application to make free internet calls using your old phone number, as this number belongs to your phone company and it is not possible to link it.

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The application uses and has its own phone numbers.

4.- By clicking on this button, now you must choose the phone number that you like the most or it suits you. This number will be used to call and receive calls online for free:

Select the number to make a free internet call.

With this phone number configured you will be able to make all calls over the internet for free and unlimited, both local and international.

5.- Once you choose it, the number, the app will send you to the home screen or main panel, where you will have all the direct call options and send SMS messages:

Application home screen

In order to make free phone calls to a cell phone online, you must go to the option in the upper right.

Make the free call online

6.- Once inside the upper right option, the interface to make a free call:

This is how you can make free calls online without balance.

Write the number you want to call for free online and press the green call button. Ready, wait for your contact to answer you!

RESTRICTIONS of the application
Although the application performs its work by making a free call online without the use of credit, it has restrictions on its use:

  1. You will not be able to make emergency calls to 911 (KEEP IT VERY IN MIND). This info can be found in the terms of use of the app.
  2. You can only make free calls when you have a connection stable internet.
  3. It is not possible to receive calls from your old cell phone number. You must pass your new phone number that the app gave you to your contacts.

This is how you can call online or online for free! Hopefully this post has been helpful for you. Do not forget that in this blog rwe write more technology tutorials for you.

See you in a new post.