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How to download and install Sony Vegas PRO 14 FULL in Spanish

February 2, 2019
Here you can download SONY VEGAS PRO 14 totally FULL, and in Spanish, DE POR VIDA, step by step and very simple.

In this post you will be able to download Sony Vegas PRO 14 totally Full and in Spanish, FROM FOR LIFE, step by step and very simple. ENTER!



Hello again!

In this tutorial we'll show you how easy it is to download Sony Vegas PRO 14 Full, and if you're here I imagine you know what this program is about, but for the new curious we'll explain:

What is Sony Vegas PRO?

Sony Vegas Pro is a video editor suitable for all types of users who want to create good quality videos on their Windows computers.

Once downloaded, Sony offers us a software capable of making high quality editions.

Sony Vegas PRO 14.

How to install Sony Vegas PRO 14

1.- Download the program (you can find the links in the download section).

2.- Also, download the program patchwe'll occupy it later.

3.- Extracts the compressed file containing the Sony Vegas PRO 14.

4.- You will be left with a folder called "SVGPRO14", enter it.

5.- Open the folder called "Installer" and open the program that will install the Sony Vegas PRO 14.

6.- A window will open for you. Select "English" and then "Next".

7.- Accept the license agreements and click "Next".

8.- Now check the box "Install desktop shortcut" and finally click "Install".

9.- Wait until Sony Vegar Pro 14 is finished installing.

10.- When it's done, now we'll have to activate it: unzip the compressed patch file.

11.- You will be left with a folder called "Patch SVGPRO14", enter it.

12.- Go to the "Installer" folder, but before proceeding to activate it, you must deactivate your antivirus.

13.- Once you have done so, return to the folder mentioned above, and open the program called "Patch SVGPRO14.exe" with administrator permissions; right click and "Run as administrator".

14.- A window will open for you, and it'll be in Russian, don't worry. Click on the lower left button of the program. When you do that, the process for patching the program will begin.

15.- Wait till it's over and done with!

16.- Open the program and enjoy.

Download Sony Vegas PRO 14 Full

DownloadDownload Sony Vegas PRO 14

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Were you able to download and install Sony Vegas PRO 14 Full? Give us your answer in the comments section in this post!

See you in a future article.