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How to Convert Any Text to Speech Using Loquendo on a Mac

April 27, 2019
Convert text to speech using Loquendo on Mac.

In this tutorial you will learn How is it that you can convert a text that you have written into a Loquendo voice that says it. ENTERS!



Have you ever wondered if you can convert any text into a voice? Well, that's why you are in this post on my blog, because I'm going to explain it to you. I don't know if you've browsed YouTube and once they use a voice that sounds like this:

That is one of the most used Spanish virtual voices in the world, and that character is called «Jorge». There are many more, not only in Spanish, but in many other languages.

If you want to convert a text to a voice not only of Jorge, but others, I leave you the following tutorial:

How to convert text to speech using Loquendo on a Mac:

Well, we will start with this tutorial by entering the «System preferences«:


Then, enter the section called "Dictation and Speech":


Then click on the "Text to speech" section. In the "System Voice" section, you have to set the one that will be the default in the system. If you want Jorge's, click on "Customize":


Then, look for the section "Spanish (Spain)" and select Jorge's voice. The voice will be downloaded to your computer, a process that takes no more than 2 minutes (depending on your internet connection):


When the voice has been downloaded, you will have to select it so that it is by default in the system:


Also remind you that you can download many more voices. Well now let's get to the following:

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We have already configured the voices, now the final step is missing, and that is to download the program that will help us to convert any text to the voice we choose. You have to download one called «Say it save it»To your Mac and install it. When you have installed it in your "Applications" folder, open it.

It is a simple program:


In the central box, you will have to put the text you want to translate into speech; There is another gray box above, there you can drag a text file to synchronize it; On the left side of this gray box, there will be a button. If you click on this button, all the voices available to translate will be displayed; At the bottom, there are 2 buttons: «Say It», which is to only say the text with the selected voice and «Save It», to translate that text into speech and save it as .mp3

If you see, it is not much of a joke, it is a very simple program, but effective when we have the need to do this type of thing. You've finished!

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