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How to activate AutoCad 2018 forever

March 8, 2021
⭐ Learn how to ✅ ACTIVATE AUTOCAD version 2018 using a CRACK ✅, activator or SERIAL NUMBER for FREE in Windows (32 or 64 bits). ⭐ ENTER!

In this post you will learn how activate AutoCad version 2018 using a FREE crack, activator or serial number on your computer. ENTERS!



2D and 3D layout and plan programs have a significant impact.

In this case activate AutoCad 2018 for free you will trust an excellent program on your operating system.

We could hardly speak of a better layout designer for your structures. The most impressive figurative designs are achieved in indescribable proportions.

Apart from the software AutoCad 2018 It has the influence of different tools that make it a powerful drawing and modeling tool. Excellent for architects.

With this little tutorial for activate AutoCad on your pc you will start a new stage within the 3D design conglomerate.

How to activate AutoCad 2018 for free

You will learn how to activate AutoCad 2018 for FREE.
You will learn how to activate AutoCad 2018 for FREE.

Here we stop at the heart of the process. The long-awaited activation of the program, which gives way to the enjoyment of all the desired tools.

Activate AutoCad It is very simple, you just have to have free time and you will know that your decision has been the best investment you have made in a long time.

Note to activate AutoCad 2018

If you already have the installation file for AutoCad 2018 and you have installed the program, the first thing you must do to activate it is go to the portal where you got it.

As you have downloaded a free version of the program, you need a "crack" to activate it. Check that the site is available for download the AutoCad 2018 crack.

If the portal has provided the link to the file then download it and ensure that the process occurs without connection interruptions.

If the activation file is not available, don't worry, in the next part we are going to give you what you need to continue with your activation.

Method to activate AutoCad 2018

For activate AutoCad 2018 You don't need to be a computer expert or apply advanced computer code. Just a few clicks are enough.

Just follow the steps below and your program will be ready to go.

Download the AutoCad 2018 Activator

This is the Activator for AutoCad 2018.
This is the Activator for AutoCad 2018.

If you read the previous section and have been lucky enough to get the file to activate your program then you can skip this part. Go to the next step.

On the other hand, if you have not found anything, nothing happens, here we have what you need. Enter the link and download the AutoCad 2018 Activator.

Download Activator

Password to unzip the file: mastercoria-xfforce.

Just click Download and check that the process is not interrupted.

Unzip the Activator for AutoCad 2018

Now that you have your compressed file on hand you will have to apply decompression. For this you must install a program in your order that will do it.

It is one of the best programs file decompressionIf you don't have it, we won't be able to continue.

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Download WinRAR

Download it for your Windows system type, 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the version of the operating system that you have installed on your PC.

Run AutoCad 2018

If we already have our AutoCad 2018 we are going to proceed to execute it without applying any activator previously.

Once executed, you will click on the "Enter a serial Number" button so that you can proceed to place the serial you need to activate AutoCad 2018 free forever.

Paste the appropriate serial number to activate AutoCad 2018

Section to paste serial number of AutoCad 2018.
Section to paste serial number of AutoCad 2018.

You will proceed to paste any of the following serials activation of Autocad 2018:

  • 666-69696969.
  • 667-98989898.
  • 400-45454545.

Now in the "Product key" section we are going to place the following: "001J1" (without the quotes). This is how we will identify our program. We give click on "Activate".

Note 1:

If clicking on "Activate" appears that the serial number somehow it is incorrect, we just have to close the window and click "Activate" again.

Note 2:

Before clicking on "Activate" We can disconnect the internet connection and thus prevent the wrong "serial number" from coming out.

Once the serial number is recognized, select "I have an activation code from Autodesk" and copy the code for "Request code".

Use the "keygen" program to activate AutoCad 2018

Go back to the folder that you have previously unzipped and look for the file called "xf_adsk2018”.

Now we are going to run "xf_adsk2018" as administrator either 32 bit or 64 bit (depending on the system that is installed on your computer).

To run as administrator, do the following: right click on the "keygen”And click on“ Run as administrator ”.

Once executed, a window will open. In the keygen window you will click on «Mem Patch» (If it has been done successfully, «Successfully patched«).

Lastly, do you remember the Request code? In the keygen window we will paste that code in «Request», we will click on «generate» and we will copy the new generated code.

Paste the serial number to activate AutoCad 2018

We are about to finish. Now we are going to go back to the activation window and paste the code generated previously, then click next.

If everything went well, it will show us that the program has been successfully activated and you can enjoy an excellent program.

Basic system requirements

We can draw reliable conclusions from certain operating systems. That not all of them can be part of the 3D revolution.

In that sense, we offer you the core items that every system must have in order to activate AutoCad 2018 (using some crack, serial number or activator) correctly and execute it efficiently:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system (32 or 64 bits).
  • Core 2 Duo.
  • RAM memory from 4 to 8 GB onwards.

This in a few words, comes to a close to such a novel and essential program for the professional who works in the areas of drawing, architecture and 3D design.

I hope this post has been of your help. In this blog we write more about Autocad, tutorials and activations of programs and systems in all known versions. Visit us!

Were you able to permanently activate Autocad using the activator? Let us know how you did down!

See you in another post.