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How to archive your photos and videos in Google Photos to have the cleanest gallery without having to delete anything

July 1, 2017
Google Photos to save your photos.

¿You delete photos from your gallery to have more space? ¿You would like to keep them? Well, here we will show you how you can do that and reduce your mobile space with Google Photos.



A new way to get organized comes to Google Photos. From now on we can have a cleaner gallery no need to delete any photos or videos thanks to the new function file.

Until now Google Photos He showed us all our photos and videos in his gallery and if we did not want a photo or video to appear in the gallery we only had the option to delete, but sometimes this option was not enough, since sometimes we do not want to delete but hide, and that's what this new feature allows.


Archive in Google Photos:

Google Photos now has the new section Archive, in which we can send those photos and videos that we do not want just to open the gallery. From that new section we can select the elements we want to archive by clicking on the «Add» icon that appears at the top right.


We can also select the elements from the gallery and then press Menu> Archive to leave only those photos and videos that we always want to see when entering Google Photos and scrolling through the list.


Archived photos and videos will continue to show in albums and search results, the only difference is that they will not be displayed in the gallery. To see the file elements, go to the section Archive.

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To unarchive the photos and videos you just have to go to Archive, select the items and in the menu click on deactivate. As simple and fast.

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