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Learn Arduino with this FREE course

May 24, 2020
Learn to ⭐ PROGRAM step by step in Arduino for FREE ✅ with this basic and complete Arduino course from ZERO. ENTERS!

In this post you will find information regarding a free arduino course, both basic and complete right from the start, where will you learn basic and technical necessary to learn to program in Arduino. ENTERS!


Welcome to a new post.

Arduino is a pretty comprehensive topic, isn't it? Simply by mentioning the word "robots", our minds already imagine a world of possibilities.

As you may already know, in this article we will talk about a free and very complete Arduino course, which will surely guide you on your professional path.

The skills you will learn in this course will give you the ability to develop countless projects, which could give you unimaginable benefits. In the same way, it will offer you opportunities for monetary compensation in case of taking the commercialization of these jobs to a higher level.

Before entering the subject, it is necessary to know or refresh what it is about Arduino, and know its benefits and qualities that make it a innovative and productive project.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is the platform in charge of make plates connecting peripheral inputs and outputs of a microcontroller, that is, pIt allows you to create a variety of types of microcomputers on the same board to give it different uses and applications.

The project is in charge of creating, for example, open source electronic devices.

When we mention «Open Source«, We refer to free hardware and software, in particular to public access and manipulation for creators and developers.

The aforementioned components can for example, replicate, modify and adjust to the measure of your requirements, both the design of the plates and their programming, and in this way, to suit your needs the diversity of utilities for which they can be developed.

Free Arduino course

Thanks to this free Arduino course, you will learn a necessary introduction to be able to program in Arduino.

The manterial is a compendium of 25 tutorials, which make up the free Arduino course, which is available on YouTube. Next, we leave you the index:

  1. Presentation of the course.
  2. Materials.
  3. Previous knowledge.
  4. Setting up the work environment.
  5. What is a microcontroller?
  6. Difference from a microcontroller and a microprocessor.
  7. Types of microcontrollers.
  8. Arduino Uno.
  9. Introduction to Arduino programming.
  10. Syntax.
  11. Variables and data types.
  12. Operators.
  13. Special data types.
  14. Operator simulation.
  15. Conditional structures.
  16. Iterative structures.
  17. Functions.
  18. Scope.
  19. Basic concepts of electronics.
  20. Electronic analogue.
  21. Digital electronic.
  22. Ohm's law.
  23. Parallel series resistance.
  24. Color code.
  25. Use of multimeter.

If you want to find a detailed explanation of all content of the free Arduino course, follow the link below.

We recommend you:  What is it, what is it for and how to use CodeDammit?

Presentation Tutorial

Free Arduino course

Do you know why we chose this course for you? Simply because its creators explain it easy, clear and, of course, practical, so much that you will be doing the Arduino course from scratch. 

Basic Arduino course

Now is this opportunity for Misael Saenz, who today brings you quite interesting material on the subject.

He has dedicated himself to teaching courses on all subjects, and the basic Arduino course that we will show you is not negligible. Next, we show you the context of the course:

  1. Introduction to the Arduino.
  2. Introduction to programming.
  3. Digital actuators.
  4. Digital sensors.
  5. Analog sensors.
  6. Analog actuators.
  7. Control and handling of loads.
  8. Use and management of engines.
  9. Communication with Arduino.
  10. Displaying information with LCD and display.

What are you waiting for? Start now at learn to program on Arduino with this free course! If you click the next button, you will go to the first lesson.

First Tutorial

A very useful advantage of this course is that the course syllabus can be find in PDF file to download in the video description.

Basic Arduino Course

As you can see, in this basic Arduino course we can find useful information to get into the subject, such as:

  • Introduction to how program in Arduino.
  • Hardware.
  • Logic and algorithms.

Complete Arduino course

How not to mention EasyCode ?! Now they have the main course, and with them you can take the entire Arduino course from scratch, which includes 17 videos.

His course, the ArduinoTrainer, comprises the following learning structure:

  1. What is Arduino? Introduction.
  2. Install Arduino, Hello World and blink an LED.
  3. Electronics basics, Ohm's law, and the water analogy.
  4. Buttons.
  5. Analog and PWM voltages.
  6. Serial communication.
  7. Temperature.
  8. Debounce.
  9. 7 segment LED display.
  10. Ping.
  11. Servomotors.
  12. Standalone.
  13. Keyboard.
  14. Relays.
  15. PIR sensor - turn on a bulb.
  16. ArduinoLivestream.

If you wish to access, in the first tutorial, you will be able to observe an introduction of all the works that will be carried out throughout full Arduino course. In the same way, you will be able to appreciate the dynamics applied in the tutorials.

Access the First Tutorial

Full Arduino Course

Take advantage of this material and get the most out of it, you will see that it will be very useful when it comes to start your own project, by wanting to impregnate a few ideas with interactivity.

Before concluding the post, we hope this material has been of interest to you and you liked it. We invite you to visit more information that we are sure will be of interest to you about PROGRAMMING.

Please tell us in the comments What did you think of all this interactive Arduino field? It will be until a next post. Thanks for joining us.