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Vaultbank: The Next Generation in Financial Services

April 28, 2018
Do you already know Vaultbank? This powerful tool will be the next generation in financial services. Let's talk about her. ENTERS!

BlockChain and cryptocurrencies ...You already know Vaultbank? This powerful tool will be the next generation in financial services. Let's talk about her. ENTERS!


At this stage of the game, no one doubts the existence of a new way of doing business, or its immense potential, but more importantly, fewer and fewer are unaware the true value of cryptocurrencies. Initial Coin Offerings, better known as ICOs, are another very important aspect to consider, since since their appearance they have taken cryptocurrencies a step further, by serving as an engine for financing new projects.


It is noteworthy that the crypto-economy has completely transformed the traditional system, allowing people from anywhere in the world to integrate to validate transactions and massify the use of digital money, envisioning an even brighter future for it.

Among the main weaknesses that can be found today when making use of cryptocurrencies, are the payment instruments and the acceptance in the real world by merchants at all levels. Although the growth and knowledge that we have today in relation to Blockchain technology, there are still many attached to the old economic school of fiduciary money and debit or credit cards, that is why there are already initiatives that are looking for a solution.

The New Generation of Financial Services: Introducing the Vaulbank ICO


As you read it; it will be the new generation of financial services. In principle, we must know that Vaultbank is a global investment firm, dedicated to financial investment and technological advancement in the field. Proof of this is the development of Vaultbank Tokens, which intend to offer quarterly dividends to those who acquire them through their ICO.

The tokens Called VB, they would be backed by secured loan assets created by an experienced investment and portfolio management team.

The project contemplates the creation of the Vaultbank Fund that will provide the backing of the main assets of each token of VB, which intends to pay dividends on Ethereum in four parts. But without a doubt, one of the main attractions of this token is the novelty of having a debit card, which will allow the spending of certain market-leading cryptocurrencies at highly competitive rates in the main world currencies.


All encrypted fiduciary transactions would be completed through the Vaultbank exchange, reducing potential problems with card processors. This is only available until the closing of the ICO for residents of the European Union and the US pending the possibility of expanding licenses in other regions.

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Another attraction of the proposal consists of the development of an investment bank and investment banknotes, for which the Vaultbank Exchange is being developed, which will be a security platform. The tokens security and securities, including mutual funds, can be published and traded on the platform, as well as major tokens utility, all at competitive market prices, in a simple and practical way.

The tokens VB seek to revolutionize the investment strategy and provide the expected liquidity, maintaining the solvency and security expected of any major financial institution, for which they have consolidated a team with decades of experience managing billions of dollars.


Precisely designed to create a symbiosis between the best of traditional banking and cryptographic technology, they have reached strategic alliances with established leaders in the field of banking. Blockchain technology, loan portfolios, equipment financing, among other financial services.

The intention is to give robustness, seriousness and confidence to both small and large investors, adding recognized names in the industry, such as; Random Forest Capital LLC, the Blockchain technology pioneer Ambisafe and the PFSC Portfolio Financial Servicing Company (PFSC).

Regarding the token for sale was announced that it has a total supply of 240,000,000 VB, which represent a beneficial ownership in shares but without a vote of Vaultbank, which will be retained by the nominee, in confidence of the buyers of these.

The Investment plan includes the leverage of the portfolio of tokens to purchase a portfolio of cash-yielding loans, which is intended to be equitably tied to each token, in order to produce an annualized assured return.

The minimum investment amount during the pre-sale is USD 25,000 for US residents and USD 100 for foreign investors.

Establishing a minimum of 2 million dollars for the development of the project, and in case of not being collected, the money will be returned to the investors.

This project is very interesting, as it shows what the future of global economic systems will be, the new form of financial services, integrating conventional money and cryptocurrencies, towards a single, solid and efficient platform that manages to provide greater benefits for everyone.

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