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3 things you should NEVER do with your money

June 5, 2020
How can I get more money? This question has been key today since there are fewer job opportunities and with a low salary, so with this money for some people it is the most important thing they have and in some cases they want to invest it , save it or get more out of it.

In this post we will show you very relevant information on how you should not risk your money. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post. How many times have you asked yourself how can I get more money? This question has been key today since there are fewer job opportunities and with a low salary, so with this money for some people it is the most important thing they have and in some cases they want to invest it, save it or get more out of it, but many people have fallen into scams or traps created by society and have lost a large amount of money which, thanks to the experiences that these people have told us, we we have focused on helping you not to fall into this type of conflict ...

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3 things you should NEVER do with your money


Many people opt for this method, either because they noticed that the person who is dedicated to this is doing great; When doing this action, it is important to emphasize that if the person has generated good results, it is because of their knowledge, which they have acquired through business in the market and finance, but nevertheless in several cases they do not achieve the goal that they set out to invest in said company or product and all for not having considered investigating all the bases of what was going to be supported at that time, so in addition to losing an amount of money, you lose confidence in these proposals and in the people who propose to improve your monetary level.

The recommendations that we can carry out are that before giving the support, do the following:

1.- TRAIN: Since if you have no idea of how to do business and how to remain a stable person in your profit actions, you will find yourself in the need to say goodbye to your effort and dedication that you made to have obtained said resource by not maintaining it with cunning and patience .

2.- INVESTIGATE: In what you will be involved in supporting financially and what benefits they will bring you in the short-term future. Do not get carried away by what others say, since that may be the first mistake you can make when starting in this area.


On this occasion there are many people who believe in the dream of having that stroke of fortune to become millionaires, certain people have been successful in earning more than they invested but all this is considered as an investment with a beneficial probability for the one who organizes said event since he has more probabilities of profit, the influence that goes back the most to this issue is advertising in the media since they only give results in favor of those who are winners and they will make you believe that you will be that winning person so it will influence you to support this method. The recommendations that we can carry out for this topic are:

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1.- SAVE: Either your money that you are getting is protected in a place that you only know and has a control of the established amount of saving, since if you spend a greater percentage of the monetary resources unless you really need it, you will not see results, so it pays to have willpower and a good vision for the future.


When taking an acquisition of a loan to buy a car or a house, your monthly income may be considerably reduced, since due to the payment of installments that you will be forced to pay from that moment they could increase more and more, in addition If it is a benefit that can get you out of trouble, you could also write your own financial bankruptcy, so before applying for goods on credit, consider your decision well if you take credit as help to buy a good, business or product that generates additional income. It will be an excellent choice, but if with this decision the objective is to have more income, you will have a large increase in obligations and you will be compromising your income for several years, so it will be better not to take it, since you compromise your possibility to obtain your financial freedom .

The recommendations are:

1.- BE PATIENT: If your goal is to buy something that is not so necessary and also generates more losses as in the case of a car that may have mechanical failures or that you must supply hydrocarbon for its operation, it is a waste of money if you cannot keep up with it, so patience will be the key to growing financially and you may realize that waiting is better than embezzling.

2.- HAVE AN INCOME PRODUCING VISION: If you increase your vision in a small or medium company that generates monetary benefits of minimum maximums in the medium term, it will be the best decision you can decide since if you manage to have a good capital and know how to keep it stable, your debts will be able to eliminate them in a short time. This information will help you to decide your way to obtain better financial income opportunities.

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