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How to download and install Debian for free

May 24, 2020
See how ⭐ DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the Linux distro called DEBIAN ✅ in its LATEST VERSION, step by step and FREE

Learn in this post how to download and install the free Linux Debian distro. Join us and get into this interesting project called Debian. A community made up of developers who have created a free software operating system. Attention, we are sure that you will take advantage of this post. ENTERS!


Hello, get ready and pay attention, we will talk about everything related to how to download and install Debian so free.

Let's do a short review of what the Debian distro is about. Initially we tell you that it is a project, an efficient and stable operating system that bears his name, and that also works under the core of Linux or FreeBSD.

Debian is developed and operated by a non-profit organization, completely free to access and open source.

It has more than 51 thousand installation packages for free applications and offers high system performance. On most computers it works perfectly.

The procedure of download and install the Linux Debian distro for free it is practical and simple, you just have to document yourself with detailed technical support on your website and follow instructions; Or if you prefer, in another instance, you can contact an authorized consultant to carry out this process for you.

Our goal is to help you and provide you with the necessary support so that you know the procedure, we will make the work even easier and simpler, we will teach you the steps to apply to download the Debian distro for free.

How to download and install Debian step by step

As we already told you download the debian distro it is a simple task, which necessarily requires a stable internet connection, having a recording program and an empty CD or DVD.

Next, we will mention the instructions to achieve download and install the distro called Debian for free:

  1. Back up information that you consider important stored in the computer.

You should know that when planning install debian distro, the hard disk drive will be completely cleaned, eliminating all data in the process; so it is recommended to backup to an external storage device before starting the process. 

  1. From the browser of your choice, locate the Debian website.

Locate the official Debian web address, locate the "Getting Debian" page on it, as this is where the files needed for the process are found.

  1. Download the Debian installation image.

The choice is the one that best fits and this will depend on the architecture of your PC; In case you don't know your computer's processor, it is recommended that you choose the 32-bit version, since it is mostly compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

  1. On an external CD or DVD disk, burn the installation image.

When downloading the Debian Linux distro, use a recording program, you can choose a free application on the web or directly with the computer's CD-R or DVD-R; When downloading the installation image, it will have an extension of “.iso”.

Another alternative is to use a USB as long as the PC recognizes it and does not interrupt the process.

  1. Restart the computer, from the disc just burned with the installation image.

Using the disk with the installation image, restart the PC; This will start from the disk and will place you in the wizard of Debian installation.

  1. You can do a previous test of the Debian system before its installation.
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The program offers you the option of running the entire operating system from the CD or DVD, without the need to overwrite data and information on the hard drive, this process is called "Debian Live".

This means that before its complete installation, you have the option of doing some practices, you can choose this alternative from the wizard of installing the Debian Linux distro.

  1. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard to complete the process.

The steps to follow are simple and practical, you must configure the operating system and adjust it to your needs for use, you can configure the hard drive as well as select a dual-boot connection with an additional operating system such as Microsoft Windows.

download debian free

You saw how simple it has been so far download Debian for free. However, if you are unable to download the installation image, you can download the installation image by purchasing the disc directly from the Debian website. Now let's get to know the final installation process.

Debian Installation Summary

Below we will show you some brief steps to apply download and installation of the Linux distro called Debian in its latest version:

  1. Must be make a backup of important information saved on the hard drive where the installation will take place.
  2. Collect information about the system, in addition to all the necessary documentation prior to installation.
  3. Locate the installation program, as well as the driver files that the computer needs.
  4. Set up a device boot as CD / DVD.
  5. Select language for the development of the installation.
  6. Secure and keep network connection active.
  7. If necessary size the partitions that owns the hard drive to free up space.
  8. Create, identify and locate partitions in which the Debian system will be installed.
  9. It will take considerable time to download, installation and configuration automatic.
  10. Select a bootloader to boot Debian individually or alongside the already default system.

By carefully following these instructions, you can successfully complete the download and installation of Debian.

install Debian for free

You noticed that it is a treatment that is easy to apply, but that it also needs attention to achieve a successful installation.

Below we share the link, so that you can view a detailed guide to everything related to how to download and install the free Debian Linux distro.

We have finished this interesting post today. Do not stop checking our blog, you will find other publications that we are sure will be to your liking.

Tell us did you learn how to download and install the free Debian distro? Did you find it a simple process, would you try it? Let us know your experience in the comments.

Thank you for your company, it will be until next time.