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SemiCode OS, a Linux distro made for programmers

May 25, 2020
See the most powerful Linux distro to be able to ⭐ PROGRAM: Semicode OS. ✅ See what this distro is and download the ISO for FREE ⭐ here. ENTERS!

In this post we will show you the Linux distro more powerful to be able to program: Semicode OS. See what this distro is and download the Free ISO from Semicode OS here. ENTERS!


One of the Linux distro for programmers most used is Semicode OS. This is a very important distribution for web developers and programmers.

If the person is passionate about art of pulling code, and he is also a lover of free software, Semicode OS can be one of the best alternatives.

This is the one so I can give you start to programming of any kind of thought you have.

What is Semicode OS?

What is the Semicode OS distro?
What is the Semicode OS distro?

Semicode OS is a Linux distro for programmers based entirely on Ubuntu, which by default uses the GNOME desktop environment.

This is coming fully loaded with necessary packages so a web developer or programmer is just eager to start pulling code.

It is almost always spoken of the distributions of relevant names in the world; They are usually presented for much more specific purposes, and other times the newer ones are presented.

People will be able to test it and if they have the necessary knowledge may help in the development of upcoming versions.

This operating mechanism it is very practical and very helpful For both experienced programmers and those just starting out in programming.

This software appeared in November 2016 for the first time, and the truth of all this is that it deserves to be classified as a project of great interest to people.

However, many critics have pointed out that their website is not serious.

On the other hand, said Linux distribution it is perfect for children and / or young people, and even people of legal age who are starting in the world of programming.

Thanks to some programs, such as Scratch, people with fewer adventures in the world of programming may be able to get into that field.

Regarding privacy that you provide to people, it can be said that Sarah only asks the person for their username, and does not save their personal information.

In addition to this, this Linux distro seeks to offer your privacy the respect it deserves by making DuckDuckGo the main default search engine.

Why install Semicode OS?

Why download and install the Semicode OS Linux distro?
Why download and install the Semicode OS Linux distro?

Linux is by far the most fragmented operating mechanism unlike any other.

All the time a new layout appears with a specific focus, and Semicode OS is no exception.

Semicode OS is the Linux distribution that every developer requires to program in C, Java, Ruby or another programming language.

This distribution uses code editors and compilers, development environments.

Among others, we can name: BlueFish, Eclipse, Ninja IDEM, Atom, MOnoDevelop, Sublime Text, Gid, IDE, Slack, Brackets, Emacs, among others.

Besides this, Semicode OS also brings pre-installed and pre-configured LAMP.

On the other side of the compilations can also be observed .NET with Mono Runtime, Ruby OPENJDK for Java and also for desktop clients for GIT and Slack.

All software used by this distro is from free code, as in most other distributions.

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It even uses DuckDuckGo, the search engine that offers you total respect for the safety that people provide in the beginning.

This great free software has a wonderful virtual assistant, known as Sarah.

Sarah is very helpful to get a video, song, file, program, among other things; all this from the comfort of your home.

This will request the user's username along with other information to use it privately.

Programmers or web developers can get hold of the ISO that owns this Semicode OS distro for free, and test it from the moment they enter.

What the person who is going to acquire this Linux distribution needs to do the following:

  • Open the most preferred code editor without worrying about anything else, since everything is pre-installed to code immediately.

Recommendations for download and installation

Download the ISO of the Linux Semicode OS distro.
Download the ISO of the Linux Semicode OS distro.

This project, apart from being good, is still very young. Because of this, this distro is still in beta. However, its official website is no longer available.

If the person achieves install this distro, the recommendation that can be made is to do it in a virtual machine.

This is because the main system may not work the way you expect it to.

For the Semicode OS installation you don't need to have a lot of hardware power.

Simicode OS can work perfectly with a 1 GHZ processor, 2.0 in RAM and with only 20 GB on the hard disk.

Download Semicode OS ISO

If you want to download this Linux distro called Semicode OS, you can get the ISO for free.

However, only the first beta version is found, Semicode OS v0.1Therefore, it is not highly recommended that it be installed on a main machine.

However, it will come to serve you perfectly for a bootable USB memory or virtual machine.

Semicode OS is available for download right now.

DOWNLOAD ISO from Semicode OS

If the person wishes download Semicode OS v0.1, you can do it via a link and then use one of the many tools to turn it into a bootable mechanism (In this article we explain how to make Windows bootable, but it still works for this distro).

The best thing about all this is that not only does it fix everything so that only the person focuses on programming, but the interface is very clean, as well as pleasant.

This helps the people who are in charge of programming that they can focus much better on what they have to do.

Because of all this, it can be implied that one of the best Linux distro for programmers is Semicode OS, thanks to their work plan that they have.

This can also be said by the way in which they can help future programmers and developers.

We hope this post has helped you download the ISO and install the Semicode OS Linux distro. We recommend these similar Linux posts:

Were you able to download e install the ISO from the distro for developers Semicode OS? Leave us your comment below!

See you in another post.