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Interesting documentary on the origins of Linux

August 24, 2017
Very interesting documentary on the origins of Linux.

In this post I will present you a very interesting documentary 51 minutes, which tells about Linus Torvalds and his creation: the Kernel of Linux. ENTERS! 



On the internet there is a lot of information about the creation of Linux, and much of that information may not be very summarized and is very technically expanded. If what you like is watching documentaries and you also love computing, then you will like this next documentary very much. But as always, first we are going to put on the table the fundamental question (if you want, you can skip to the video, located below):

What is Linux?

Linux, or in other words, GNU / Linux is an operating system, like Mac or DOS, like UNIX, that runs on our computer and allows us to use programs and be able to use our computer, being able to do tasks such as: play games, surf the web, edit or write texts, etc, etc.

This peculiar operating system was created by Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, in order to make a free operating system, at no cost, and distribute it all over the world for those who wish to use it. The documentary will explain its origin in detail, in an entertaining way and explaining all its progress, implementing different analogies and how it is that the contribution of different programmers can make Linux an incredible operating system.

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Documentary of the origins of Linux OS:

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