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Newpct closes, here the best alternatives

April 5, 2019
Alternatives to NEWPCT UPDATED ✅ Find the BEST ALTERNATIVES to download Torrents still online to Newpct. 🔥 ENTER!

Newpct has closed. In this post we will show you the BEST alternatives to Newpct to download Torrents for FREE. ENTERS!


Welcome to a new post.

Today, many people prefer to watch their series and movies from their computer, for very good reasons.

Not to mention, they'll save themselves from waiting and waiting for the video to fully load, they can have it on hand whenever they want.

Downloading Torrents (not just movies) has become so popular that different services have emerged for it, services like Newpct.

However, this platform has closed ... today we will tell you why it closed and what are the best alternatives to Newpct. Let's go!

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Why did Newpct close?

The vast majority of platforms that offer to download Torrents are not legal, among them was this platform.

She became so popular that the law began to persecute her.

The creators of it struggled many times, and for a long time they managed to keep changing the main name of the platform to others like "Newpct1", "NewpctX", etc.

But today they have closed their doors completely. Then, we will tell you which are the best alternatives to Newpct NOW.

Best alternatives to Newpct

Next we will show you a list of the best alternatives we found to Newpct. Ready? Let's go!, alternative to Newpct., alternative to Newpct.

If you are looking to download Movie Torrents, without a doubt this is the best alternative you will find to Newpct.

This platform is in Spanish, and contains a LOT of content, of all genres, both in English, with subtitles and in Spanish.

In addition, movies are uploaded, and best of all: IT'S FREE!

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LimeTorrents, a great alternative.
LimeTorrents, a great alternative to Newpct.

This service does not specialize in downloading movies, but also allows you to download other types of torrents, such as: video games.

All in a few clicks, direct to download.

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EliteFreak, Torrents download alternative to Newpct.
EliteFreak, Torrents download alternative to Newpct.

This portal contains, upon entering, a list of the most searched so that, if it is what you are looking for, you can find it directly at home.

In addition, it has a news section where you can see what is new that the website will incorporate (it will allow you to know about the new download content).

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EZTV, alternative to download TV series to Newpct.
EZTV, alternative to download TV series to Newpct.

If you are looking to download your favorite series by torrent, without a doubt EZTV is the best alternative to Newpct.

It has a search engine, where you can search your series directly.

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Bit Torrent Scene

Bit Torrent Scene, popular alternative.
Bit Torrent Scene, popular alternative to Newpct.

This portal is perhaps the most popular on this list, as it has a large community of more than 250 million users.

It allows you to download torrent files quickly and continuously, but it is worth mentioning that it does not have a specific search engine, so you will have to get the link.

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1337x, the final alternative to Newptc.
1337x, the final alternative to Newpct.

This portal has grown its audience in a short time due to the fact that they upload fresh and quality content.

The developers of this platform took care that privacy problems were left behind, so be confident that you will be able to download your content.

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Considerations when downloading alternative torrents to Newpct

You should know that this type of activity is illegal, since it is computer hacking. To avoid problems, make sure you:

  • Have a good UPDATED antivirus.
  • Use a VPN To protect you (look at this article to find out how).
  • Know which files are verified and which are malicious.

I hope this post has been of great help to you.

In this blog you will find more web tools that will help you meet different online needs. Candles!

What do you think is the best alternative to Newpct? Let us know in the comments below!

See you in another article.