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What is and how to use the Wolfram Alpha search engine

May 25, 2020
You will see how to use the Wolfram Alpha search engine (Free or Pro) for web, Android (APK), iOS, etc, to calculate derivatives, integrals, or search for anything.

In this post you will learn how to use the Wolfram Alpha search engine (Free or Pro), whether in a browser, Android (APK), iOS, or Windows Phone to calculate equations (such as derivatives and integrals), or search for any knowledge. ENTERS!


In the field of educational technology there are many tools available. To know how to use Wolfram Alpha it is an advantage for anyone.

It's about a powerful online search engine developed by the company Wolfram Reseach that responds instantly to user requests, and unlike Google, it does not offer a list of websites.

Rather locate the required information, and translate questions into easy-to-understand answers.

Wolfram Alpha Pro processes responses synthesizing knowledge advanced and making inferences from a repertoire of basic information.

What can you do with Wolfram Alpha?
What can you do with Wolfram Alpha?

Why know how to use Wolfram Alpha?

This novel and useful tool has been in operation since 2009 and is the product of the work of British physicist Stephen Wolfram.

Has as I support the Mathematica program which is a benchmark in the field of software in this specialty.

This language allows you to manage the huge number of databases that Wolfram Alpha is provided with.

Wolfram Alpha has apps for mobile devices iOS, Android (APK), Windows Phone and allows you to use Apple's SIRI wizard.

Access the download for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.


Access the download of Wolfram Alpha for your Android device (APK).

DOWNLOAD for Android (APK)

If you have Windows Phone, you can access here to download it.

DOWNLOAD for Windows Phone

It is a powerful knowledge and response engine, in English, different from Google.

He is able to solve from complex mathematical operations, to chemical and engineering problems.

Too medical, biological, geographical, historical questions, between many other things.

The answers provided are perfectly valid and are backed by academic knowledge.

For this reason, many believe that it is a knowledge machine. There is a free version and a Wolfram Alpha PRO version.

The PRO version, for little money, offers greater possibilities, as well as special prices for teachers and students.

It has a more elaborate presentation, you can calculate more formulas and present the step by step in solving an equation, for example.

In addition, it has specialized paid applications, such as travel assistants, legal information, stock market data, pocket encyclopedias, etc.

But the most appreciated feature is the possibility of interaction, since it allows upload files in more than 60 formats, cross data, graph and compare.

From this perspective, Wolfram Alpha can be used not only as a search tool but also as a analysis of the information.

One of the most useful applications, especially for students, is the problem generator.

There they meet exercises with different levels of difficulty and for all ages.

Among many other things, Wolfram Alpha contains exercises in arithmetic, algebra (integrals and derivatives), statistics that can be solved from the browser or Android application (APK) and get the correct answer instantly.

This allows you to study and test your knowledge.

How can you use Wolfram Alpha?
How can you use Wolfram Alpha?

How to use Wolfram Alpha?

To know how to use Wolfram Alpha both free and Pro It is a skill that enhances the performance not only of students, but also of professionals in any field.

Wolfram Alpha organize knowledge by categories and each one presents examples of questions you can answer.

To use it no need to register on the page, unless you want to save your search history or require a PRO account.

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The search process is simple:

Ask the question

The required information is written in English in the space designated for that purpose using natural language, that is, in words.

Through a Wolfram Alpha algorithm translates and responds. If you put the name of a chemical element, the search engine gives you the formula, properties, etc.

When writing the name of a food, it presents its properties, components, nutritional value, even gives information on restaurants and food chains.

If the name of a country is involved, it provides data such as number of inhabitants, language, currency, religion, important cities and many other things.

In the case of mathematical knowledge, predefined commands are used. Some examples:

  • If it's about separating decimals point is used.
  • Squaring, the caret symbol is used.
  • Square root of 81, we write the acronym in English sqrt of (77).
  • Greatest common divisor of a certain number, we write the acronym in English gcd.

Put the question in the Input

This is the Wolfram Alpha Input.
This is the Wolfram Alpha Input.

Here is the space where the question should be entered, where what you ask you must place it correctly for greater precision when giving the result.

You must have very take into account the formulation of your question, and check the "recommendations" section of this article so that you know better how to structure the question.

It is important to pay attention to this space to verify that you have understood perfectly.

Result of your question

The result of your question is returned!
The result of your question is returned!

Immediately, the search engine supplies the correct answer. If it is Wolfram Alpha PRO, it shows the procedure step by step.

In addition, it supplies other associated data that are of interest. For example, if we ask it to solve an equation, it solves it and graphs it.

Wolfram Alpha tips and trivia

The knowledge stored by this search engine is immense, it has multiple databases, but its effectiveness is subject to search experience.

It is advisable use short, objective questions, not generic. Do not forget that no matter how efficient it is, it is a search engine, not a person.

If you ask: What was the best game for the New York Yankees in the last two years?

Probably does not respond or the response is not what you expected because it is an opinion.

Similarly, if we ask a question which is located in the realm of fantasy, we will not get an answer either.

We can obtain relevant information in the field of academic knowledge.

In addition to use Wolfram Alpha to solve things like integrals or derivatives, to obtain less formal information located in the field of entertainment and curiosities.

If you allow it to analyze your Facebook profile, it will offer fun facts like age and gender distribution of your friends or the frequency of most used words.

By placing several names separated by commas, including yours, you can know the prevalence of the names and how frequent yours is.

If you put the scrabble word in front of another word, gives you all the possible combinations to get new words from the given word.

There is no doubt that knowing and knowing how to use Wolfram Alpha it is a safe key to access knowledge. It is a perfect ally for teachers and students.

I hope this user guide has been very useful for you to learn how to use this incredible search engine.

Before concluding the article, I would like to tell you that we have more web tools that will make your life much easier. Visit us!

Could you easily use Wolfram Alpha Pro and solve those integrals, derivatives or any knowledge? Let us know what you think in the comments!

See you in another post.