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How to download Geometry Dash FULL for Android

May 25, 2020
Enter to ⭐ DOWNLOAD the APK of Geometry Dash 2.2, 2.11 or 2.011 ⭐ with a HACK INCLUDED ✅ with STARS, GOLD and INFINITE ORBS for free.

In this post you can download the Geometry Dash 2.2 APK, 2.11 or 2.011 free and Full for Android, includes a hack with stars, gold, orbs and infinite gems. ENTERS!


Welcome to a new article.

This is one of the strategy video games that since 2013 has given a lot to talk about, since since its launch it has not stopped receiving thousands and thousands of downloads daily.

Among the platforms on which it is available, in this post we will teach you how to download the Geometry Dash 2.2, 2.11 or 2.011 APK, which comes with hack for your Android.

However, we will not only show you the downloadable file, but we will also give you a brief introduction to what what is it, its characteristics, and how to hack Geometry Dash for Android. Let's go!

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What is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a strategy game created in 2013 by Robert Topala. This video game was released for various platforms, first starting with mobile devices, and finally reaching Steam.

Within the video game, you are a piece which is advancing forward, and the one who leads or is its guide is you; you must prevent the square piece from hitting an obstacle, and make sure it reaches its destination.

The game is divided into different difficulty levels, and although none is blocked, that is, you should not pass a previous one to play another, the truth is that each one is more difficult than the previous one.

It has 21 levels which were created by the development manager of the same game, but also enabled the development of different levels by users, who can publish them for other people to play.

In the download section, you can download the APK app from Geometry Dash with hack for your Android cell phone.

Geometry Dash Features

  • It incorporates a level editor.
  • Map packs to play.
  • Various levels of difficulty created by the community.
  • Secret coins.
  • Contains secret vault.
  • User currencies.
  • Built-in miscellaneous icons.
  • Game modes.
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Download Geometry Dash APK with hack

If for some reason the Play Store on your cell phone does not let you download the game, don't worry, you can download it from other sources.

You see, Android is very free, and you can download applications outside of the Play Store. These applications are what are called "APK" for Android. These are installer files (so to speak), which they will install the game on your cell phone.

The installation is safe, and you can remove the game like any other app, it has no science. The Geometry Dash APK file that we have prepared for you comes with a very interesting hack:

Geometry Dash hack: diamond, gold and other infinity.
Geometry Dash hack: diamond, gold and other infinity.
  • Infinite stars.
  • Infinite secret coins.
  • Infinite orbs.
  • Infinite diamonds.

Without further comment regarding the video game, here we leave you the links to download the famous Geometry Dash video game for Android:

DOWNLOAD version 2.2

DOWNLOAD version 2.11 with HACK

DOWNLOAD version 2.011

How to install it?

In the event that you don't know how to install and hack correctly the Geometry Dash APK, follow the steps that we will indicate below.

1.- Once you have downloaded it, connect your device to your computer (if you downloaded it from one) and transfer it to your cell phone (if you don't know how, see this post).

2.- Click on the file and then click on «Install».

3.- Wait for the installation to finish and that's it.

Now, you can enjoy playing Geometry Dash 2.2, 2.11 or the old 2.011 with full hack and free. So that you can know more about this game and see its news Click here.

We hope this article has been helpful and you have been able to finish it at 100%. In our blog we talk more about APKs and Android in general. Visit us!

¿You were able to download and install the APK for Android Geometry Dash 2.2, 2.11 or 2011 Full? Tell us!

See you in the delivery of another post.