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How to format or reset Android cell phone from factory

April 22, 2020
See how you can ⭐ Format or RESET an ANDROID cell phone ✅ step by step from FACTORY, in a FREE and EASY way, without programs.

This time we bring two excellent solutions to remove all files and applications from your Android and leave it as factory. Today you will learn about how to format or reset Android cell phone from factory. ENTERS!


Welcome once again to our blog.

If you are interested in continuing reading this post, it is because, surely, you want to delete all the information from your Android, including files and applications; that is, you want to leave it at zero, as if you were buying it.

an excellent solution is to do a «hard resert » on Android, or what is the same, factory reset, reset, format or restore device.

And because your luck does not end, today we will teach you how to carry out this procedure. However, first we want to explain, roughly, what the purpose of performing this action is.

What is the use of doing this?

As we mentioned in the previous section, a «hard reset» is a way of format or reset an Android device, or what is the same, resetting all your data to the factory.

In doing this kind of 'cleaning', so to speak, reset device software status and leaves it as it was at the beginning. So, we must know that will delete absolutely all information stored on the device, this excludes the information saved on the microSD card, if you have one. Although this card can also be formatted from the device, in case you want to delete the information stored there.

Now, there are several ways to restore an Android device, first through a simple reset by entering the settings of your device, but there is also another option where a deeper reset is done from the Recovery mode of the mobile, this last method is a bit more complex.

However, both lead to the same outcome: all the data on your Android device will be permanently deleted. And we emphasize this again, precisely because such data cannot be recovered, unless you have made a full backup of all information. Which is why you should keep this in mind before following the steps that we are going to describe below.

But before we mention that the steps may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the phone, although the name of the main options are the same. Let's get started!

Format or reset an Android cell phone from the settings

This is the simplest method to achieve restore an Android device and make it look as if you were just buying it. This procedure can be done without resorting to any type of external tool or without entering any hidden configuration, everything is done through the system settings.

Depending on the brand of your device and the software it runs, the following steps could be located in one menu or another, but in general, the names are very similar and easy to identify.

  1. Now the first thing you should do is go to the system settings.
  2. Look for the "System" section.The first step to reset or format the Android is to go to "Recovery Options".
  3. While there, locate the section "Recovery options" or "Reset options" and select the option "Clear all data" or "Factory data reset". The process to erase all the information will start.format Android device
  4. A well specified list will be displayed with all the personal data that will be deleted. You will have to click on the button "Reset device".restore android cell phone
  5. It will then present you with a notice that the action cannot be undone. Confirm that you want to do it to be able to format the Android cell phone from the factory.
  6. The process will take a few minutes. Then all the data stored in the terminal will be gone, and the phone will be like new.
  7. It will reboot automatically and the home screen will look like a newly purchased device.
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Reset or restore an Android cell phone with Recovery mode

Now there is another method to restore an Android cell phone and allows a more thorough cleaning that also helps to solve operational problems.


The first thing you should do is start the mobile with the "Recovery Mode" through a series of key combinations. However, these combinations vary according to the manufacturer, but don't worry, here is a list of the best known brands:

  • Samsung: Volume up + Home + Power. In the case of the Galaxy S8 the keys are Volume Up + Bixby Button + Power.
  • LG: Volume down + Power.
  • Huawei: Volume up + Power.
  • Motorola: Volume down + Power.
  • BQ: Volume up + Power.
  • Asus: Volume up + Power.
  • HTC: Go to Settings> Battery, where you have to uncheck the box Fast boot. Then you turn off and press Volume down + Power.
  • Google Pixel and Nexus: Volume down + Power.
  • Xiaomi: which allows you to enter this mode by entering the Updater application, press the icon with the three dots at the top right and, in the menu that will appear, choose the option "Reboot to Recovery mode".

These steps are necessary to be able to format the Android cell phone from the factory. Pressing these keys may not take you directly to the Recovery menu, so you will have to move with the volume keys until the option appears "Recovery Mode". To enter, press the button Switched on and ready.

  1. While in Recovery mode, use the volume keys to select the option «wipe cache partition«, Press«Switched on»To activate the option and clear the device cache.
  2. This process will take a few seconds, then it will return you to the same screen where you were.
  3. Next, choose the option "wipe data / factory reset”, Press Switched on to activate it.
  4. It will take you to a screen with several "No" and a single "Yes". Select "Yes" with the volume keys and press Switched on.
  5. This action will start the process of total resetting the mobile device.
  6. Once finished, choose «reboot system now»To restart the phone.

The Android cell phone will be like new.

When to format a factory Android cell phone?

  • To the sell or give away the cell phone, one of the main reasons that we had mentioned at the beginning. It is important to make sure that no personal information is left on the device that can cause problems.
  • When changing ROM, In case you want to install a new ROM on your mobile you must first restore it.
  • When you cell phone is malfunctioningusually due to software problems. Restoring an Android device would fix this problem.
  • When you have played a key that you should not.

Well, this is where our post about how to format or reset Android cell phone from factory. We hope all our ideas are helpful to you.

We do not see in a next opportunity. Thank you for your loyalty.

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