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5 tips to know if you have programmer's wood

5 August, 2017
5 clues to know if you have programmer's wood.

In this post we will mention 5 tips to know if programming is a path for you. Make the best decision after seeing them. ENTER!



Programming is not for everyone, because you simply may not have the requirements that are needed. Sure, everyone can learn to program, but it's not the same to just learn to take a career and dedicate yourself to it completely.

I know some people who study different careers to computer science and know how to program, like for example: A lawyer who knows how to program.

Understanding this world will help you to be a more open, technical and logical person, but if you want to dedicate yourself to this, then I leave you with what you need to know:

5 clues to know if you have programmer's wood:

  1. Autonomy: All good programmers have a HIGH degree of autonomy, both when they work and when they learn something new. If when you get to the office you don't have a real motivation to do your project and you just wait for others to tell you what to do, then this is not your thing.
  2. Logic: is one of the most fundamental points to be able to enter this world, since every engineer (not only computer scientists) has to have it to succeed. Most of the mistakes that are made in the code come directly from logical failures, and you need logic to be able to fix them.
  3. Creativity: Although logic can be a burden when programming, you also have to take into account creativity, contrary to what you may think, it is a VERY FUNDAMENTAL COMPONENT. Programmers can tell you: there is only one way to program, and this is absurd, because it is as if I were telling you that there is only one way to make a sandwich, obviously there are many VERY CREATIVE ways.
  4. Compromise: A programmer's job requires sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time, whether you are working for someone else or for yourself. Here the days of only 8 hours are not worth it, because you have to add to that the time you spend reading, experimenting and collaborating on OpenSource projects, to keep up with a world that moves too fast.
  5.  Ambition: if you want to make a lot of money in the shortest time possible, the only thing you will get is a GREAT DECEPTION. You probably know a programmer who became an overnight millionaire like Mark Zuckerberg, or the creator of Snapchat, but they are an exception. To get there, you need a lot of effort and time. What I do advise you is to have ambition, ambition to create something that will help society, to learn new things, without thinking about money or yourself.
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If you meet these 5 requirements, then CONGRATULATIONS, you're ready to be a programmer. Start now! Don't give up.

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