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How to download Spotify Premium for free on Android, iOS, Mac and PC

May 25, 2020
See how ⭐ DOWNLOAD the SPOTIFY PREMIUM app ✅ FREE or using a CRACK called Spotify Downloader ⭐ for Windows PC, Mac, iOS or ANDROID.

In this post you will learn how you can download the Spotify Premium app for free or use a crack called Spotify Downloader, either for Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android. ENTERS!


Many people wonder how it can be done to be able download Spotify free or Premium, since this is a platform or server podcasts, music and videos digitized in streaming that gives people access to a endless songs and other content from all artists around the world.

By downloading this service from Spotify It can be available on different devices (in addition to Android, iOS, Mac PC or the mythical Windows), such as:

  • Phones.
  • Tablet.
  • Automobiles
  • Televisions
  • Speakers.
  • Among others…

Plus, you can seamlessly switch from one to the other via Spotify Connect.

Download Spotify free for Android

For those people who want to download Spotify for their Android without having to pay absolutely anythingWhat would you think if we told you that there is a way to download Spotify Premium free completely free of charge?

Well, here we will present a way to do so in order to enjoy all its functions and features.

Spotify Beta

We show you how you can download or download Spotify Premium Beta version.
We show you how you can download or download Spotify Premium Beta version.

One of the ways to have this application is downloading the Spotify Beta.

You may wonder what is the reason for this download. Well, it's simple. Spotify Beta is a totally free app and, in turn, it is a transformation of the original Spotify Premium application.

DOWNLOAD Spotify Beta Premium

You will only have to do click on the link that appears for Spotify Beta and so you can download Spotify Premium for free without any annoying advertisement appearing, having the opportunity to listen to the music you want, access all the functions it presents, among other things.

The only drawback that we could run into would be that the developers have not yet been able to find the function that allows us download music to tablet or car to be able to listen to them without having to be connected to the Internet.

This problem is due to the app has encrypted bass all his songs, and therefore the developers have had a hard time finding the key.

Spotify Downloader

Access the Spotify Downloader to download your music.
Access the Spotify Downloader to download your music.

Another way would be by installing Spotify Downloader. Once the application has been installed, you will have to go to Spotify and, later, add all the songs that interest you download to a playlist without any limits.

DOWNLOAD Spotify Downloader

Steps to download your favorite playlist using Spotify Downloader:

  1. Once you have done this, you will have to go to "Your Library" to find the playlist you just created.
  2. After having chosen it, you will select the 3 points that are located in the upper area of the screen.
  3. After this, you will click on «Share» and then on «Copy Link».

When you have completed all these steps, you will open the Spotify Downloader application previously downloaded. Then, you will select the 3 points mentioned above and click on «Add Playlist».

Once there, you will paste the copied url in order to listen to all music on Spotify for free, or even download it to the car.

This form of download the songs Crack type of the famous Spotify Premium is totally free and you can use it as many times as you want.


Download Spotify free for iOS

As with Android, there is a procedure to carry out in order to download Spotify Premium totally free for iOS.

It should be noted that, for those who own iPod, it does not make much sense to carry out this procedure, since they can listen to music for free through Spotify.


The first thing to do is go to AppValley. Within this link, we will have to go to select the app located on the left side, where "InstallAppvalley" appears. After this, the app will start downloading and it will appear on the desktop of our device.

Once it has been downloaded and installed previously, it cannot be used just like that. Due to this, we will have to go to "SETTINGS> General> Device Management> Zolotaya Gora, 000> Appvalley" and proceed to grant you permission. After this, we can use the application.

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Once we have entered the "AppValley" app, we can do 2 things, either go to the app section and navigate until we find Spotify, or go to the tab of Search and place Spotify.

Surely you must be wondering which app you will have to install. Well, you have to be clear that, in general, they should all be the same or similar in their operation.

A recommendation might be to select "Install All" and the one that installs first is the one you should stick with. It may seem like a random thing, but this is because, when downloading the app, it constantly presents errors in its download and it must be resumed at all times until it can be downloaded and installed.

Once it has been installed, you have to carry out the same procedure as with AppValley; «SETTINGS> General ... etc» ...

Once we have followed all of these steps to the letter to download this, we can now enjoy Spotify Premium for Apple iOS totally free.

Download Mac version

To download Spotify for Mac In its free version, you must follow the following procedure:

  1. Open an account on the Spotify network and complete the required registration. Once you have completed the registration, you will need to proceed to verify account. You will be taken to the download link.
  2. The download proceeds to be carried out independently and instantly. If this does not happen, then choose to select the download link and click on «Save File»(This varies according to browsers).
  3. Once the download process, you must open the folder that contains the file that has just been downloaded and double click on said file to start with execution.

Keep in mind that if an error appears when downloading the Spotify Premium app on your Mac PC, you will have to click authenticate and proceed.

  1. If you followed all these steps in order, then now the application is completely ready for use. To make access much easier, you can create one directly on the dock.

As you will see, the process to be able download and have the Spotify app for you Mac computer it is too simple.

Download it Premium for Windows PC

Discover how to download the Spotify Premium program on your Windows PC for free.
Discover how to download the Spotify Premium program on your Windows PC for free.

The first thing to do is open the browser and go to this download link. Next, a app download and installation window.

After the download and installation completed, you will need to open the file. Then a registration link will appear; you will have to fill it.

After this, you will have to verify your account, in order to enter the account that has been registered and click the link sent to the email. Once said link activates the account, you will have access to tracks or other services offered by this app.

These will activate unlimited access and the free account for a few days nothing more.

Thanks to this, we can learn a little more about how to download Spotify both Premium and free versions for a Windows PC through processes that are not at all illegal.

However, the recommendation to take into account would be that, if you want to enjoy all its functions to the fullest without any problem, cancel the amount indicated by the application.

I hope this tutorial has helped you find this alternative to have your crack of the famous Spotify Premium for your Android, iOS, Windows PC or Mac cell phone.

Before closing the post, I would like to add that in our blog we write everything about Mutimedia files how are the songs / music like this famous app.

Could you download this app from Spotify Premium for free for your Android, iOS, Windows PC or Mac? What did you think of the Crack of the Spotify Downloader to download Premium songs? Let us know in the comments!

See you in another article.