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Best alternatives to Spotify Premium

May 25, 2020
You will see the ⭐ BEST APPS of ALTERNATIVES to the mythical SPOTIFY ✅ Premium for FREE ⭐, with the same QUALITY music. ENTERS!

In this post we will give you some of the best alternative apps to the mythical Spotify Premium for free, with the same quality music. ENTERS!


When it comes to listening to music, there are multiple possibilities and alternatives to Spotify Premium.

Currently, the music industry and technological development go hand in hand, making it easier for entrepreneurs and artists to disseminate music production.

Music streaming platforms offer users the possibility of satisfying their preferences through huge music libraries.

Music lovers can access it without any major restrictions.

What are the alternative apps to Spotify and their benefits?
What are the alternative apps to Spotify and their benefits?

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Payment alternatives to Spotify Premium

The music streaming services They multiply every day, while the traditional physical devices such as CDs diminish.

Simultaneously, music lovers adhere more strongly to the Internet every day in search of trends, new releases and sharing music.

In this way, streaming industry has been gaining space by expanding the possibilities of accessing music from the most modern devices.

While Spotify is one of the most popular platforms In the field of music streaming, this is not the only option.

Next, we will describe the best alternatives to Spotify Premium of high quality and with particularities to satisfy different users.

Apple Music

It is ideal for Apple users, increase your possibilities with iOS and MacOS integration. It is also available for Android devices.

It allows you to expand the musical horizon by accessing millions of songs through Itunes, the source of entertainment.

If you have a iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks You can ask Siri, your great assistant, to immediately locate what you want: songs, artists, lists, etc.

its Air Play service allows you to share audio and video signals, music and photos, from one device to another, without losing your metadata.

Another advantage is that it has the Radio Beat 1 service, through which music is transmitted 24 hours a day and sometimes songs are released.

its Home Pod speaker allows you to enjoy quality sound.

You can make use of this application saving money with an annual subscription. It offers a trial period of three months.



It is another music service broadcast without interruption under subscription mode that can be a great alternative to Spotify Premium.

It has a distribution contract with the three biggest record labels, which accounts for its extensive catalog. It is available in 31 countries with more than 3 million users, so we include it in our TOP of the best alternative apps to listen to music other than Spotify Premium.

For many, its main strength is that it combines lossless audio, with 24-bit resolution, plus high-definition music videos, curated editorials, and recommendations from music experts.

It's great for audiophiles and those with equipment that can reproduce sound quality. It allows you to share content, but does not allow you to see what other friends are listening to.

With its offline mode you can save albums and playlists, allowing you to take and listen to music anywhere on up to three devices.

It offers subscriptions for families that are around 15 euros. It offers 50% discount to each new member and also discounts for students.



It is leader in internet radio transmission. It offers two new features: transmission level on demand and your system Music Genome Project.

This system generates a kind of comprehensive analysis of music, which allows it to be classified on the basis of elements such as harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, arrangements, lyrics, etc.

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Both processes have allowed him to build a music library taking into account the preferences of users and musical genres.

We could say that it is a reinvention of the old jukebox. It is ideal for those who prefer to listen and enjoy passively because it works like a music system has asked.

Has little music available compared to the huge number of users that reaches about 81 million.

Allows content sharing and know what other friends hear. It has two modes: with advertising $ 5, without advertising $ 10 per month.

Today, only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand (so for them it is among the best alternatives to the famous Spotify Premium), but it can be accessed through VPN.


Google Play Music

Around 11 million people are subscribed to Google Play Music. What is needed is a registered account and internet connection.

It is an application for Android that has some 35 million songs and allows you to add up to 20,000 of our personal collection for free.

It is also possible create playlists and share music with other users through Google Plus.

It has free and paid options. The family package costs $ 14.99 and includes 6 members.



This platform may not be one of the most popular, as it has a particular profile. It is aimed at fans of indie or independent music.

This type of music is not supported by a record label. Rather, it has an artistic and non-commercial vocation, without being subject to global trends.

It represents an alternative to Spotify for those people not satisfied with the musical diffusion with massive ends. It has 200 million active users.

People motivated by knowing alternative bands and musical experiments, find a space there.

For a sum of $ 5 per month you can access, ad-free, added tracks per user and for $ 10 to 30 million top-level tracks.


Free alternatives to Spotify Premium

The philosophy of Premium services is to offer a quality service in exchange for paying. However there are other options that without being bad offer little more or less the same possibilities and they are well received.

Among others we can mention:

Music All

Is a option for Android, also available for iOS, similar to Spotify.

Although its design is not very attractive, it has a large music library. It also allows you to create lists that can later be downloaded and listened offline.


You can find the most popular music on Spotify on this platform recently updated.

It also allows download music, create our lists and use offline mode.

As you can see, in the world of music streaming there is a variety of alternatives to Spotify Premium that are free and paid. You can choose the one that suits your conditions and preferences.

We hope you have found the best free alternatives to this list to Spotify Premium, and that one of the apps adapts to your needs.

Before concluding, let me know that in this blog we write everything about music apps, photos, and videos (in itself, everything related to multimedia) in our multimedia section. Visit us!

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What do you think of all these alternatives to streaming Spotify Premium? Do you think they are the best? Let us know what you think in the comment box!

See you in another post.