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The black book of the programmer [PDF]

June 17, 2020
The black book of the programmer.

In this post you will find the «The programmer's black book«, Excellent content that tells how to be successful in this industry. ENTERS!


The 21st century is that of the information society and new technologies, the era of entrepreneurship and competition. All of this would not be possible without the huge software industry that serves as its foundation. However, MANY software developers do not take advantage of every opportunity to pursue a successful career, always making the same mistakes over and over again without learning from them. A good software project has to do with creative and artistic abilities more than those necessarily technical, that is why it is a competitive world, because to be successful in this area, you need to be creative, artistic and, above all: a learner of mistakes.

"The Programmer's Black Book" shows what distinguishes a novice programmer from one who works and works professionally. In the era of entrepreneurship and the new economy, professional software development is its fundamental pillar. If as a programmer you want to become not only good but also professional, you cannot miss the gems of wisdom that "The Programmer's Black Book" contains.

Summary of content:

01 - Introduction.
02 - Development, testing, refactoring (everything goes in the same package).
03 - What is to be successful in a software project.
04 - Everything is a matter of principle.
05 - A twist on the law of change.
06 - Daring to eliminate what has been implemented.
07 - When incorporating more people into the team is a guaranteed disaster.
08 - When a project manager is your biggest enemy.
09 - The day to day of a good developer.
10 - Success always comes from the union between talent, technology and methodology.
11 - The misunderstood role of software architect.
12 - The methodological profitability.
13 - Everything is in the UI.
14 - Technological dilettantism.
15 - It is not about working longer hours, but about working better.
16 - About frameworks, libraries and how we reinvent the wheel.
17 - Good developers write debuggable code.
18 - Slave to your own solution or how to want to be essential.
19 - We learn from others (or how not to be a lazy developer).
20 - Boosting productivity with configuration management and continuous integration.

Download «The Black Book of the Programmer»

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