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The art of intrusion [PDF]

June 14, 2020
You will find the book "The art of intrusion". It will teach you to prevent attacks and it will tell you how cybercrime works.

In this post you will find the book «The art of intrusion». Will teach you how to work in the world of cybersecurity: preventing attacks and how cybercrimes work. ENTERS!


Have you been curious to know how attacks work? To know if you are really safe under the world of information technology? Do you know how social engineering works and why it IS VERY DANGEROUS? Well, this excellent book will teach you all these questions and MANY MORE.

It was written by William Simon, in an interview with a person who is an EXPERT on the subject.

What am I going to learn from the book?

In this book you are going to learn many questions about computer security; you are going to learn the moves of crackers to get what they want, you are going to learn to defend yourself against one of their most powerful weapons: SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

In addition, you will learn to protect your sensitive information and you will know how to act in the face of imminent risks from the cyber world of the internet and information technologies.

Content of the book

  • Intrusion in the casinos for a million dollars.
  • When terrorists walk through the door.
  • Hackers from the texas prison.
  • Policemen and thieves.
  • The Robin Hood hacker.
  • The wisdom and folly of security audits.
  • Your bank is safe, right?
  • Your intellectual property is not secure.
  • In the continent.
  • Social engineers: how they work and how to stop them.
  • Brief anecdotes.
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Download link

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